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9/23/2013 c19 10Alethea27
Okay. Did I miss a chapter and a murder somewhere? I thought McDonald was victim 1, Pansy is victim 2 and if Davies is victim 4, then I missed a murder somewhere or you miscounted. Unless Lavender is considered victim 2?
8/18/2013 c65 62Lily of the Shadow
I confess I fell behind on this, but I just re-read it and finished it and so much love :D I love how cleanly you wrapped it up, and I'm glad I found it again to finish!
7/28/2013 c42 4Moonmessi
Ok...I'm being awesome! Cuz only awesome people read awesome stories, right? And this story is sooooo awesome!
7/28/2013 c35 Moonmessi
Ooh...hogwarts has kitty spies all over the place!
7/7/2013 c1 2Fangthehedgewolf
(sweat drop) same old dinozo
6/21/2013 c65 cindlee
Thank you for your wonderful story. It was a very skillful way to blend the two highly different universes.
6/20/2013 c65 12Queen 0f The Dead
Amazing! I read the whole thing in one go! It took my mind off my tonsillitis! :)
6/12/2013 c65 5DreamweaverAki
I love it! The suspence was great and I loved how you showed some things from the culprits point of veiw while not giving hints as to who he actualy was. This is defintly a story worth reading! I hope that you will write another about Abby and Snapes proposition that was mentioned in his letter to her. Great job!
6/9/2013 c14 jhgpwoeiurhvaouweu
I'm so glad you brought in Snape :D But I'll have to stop here, it's past 2am and I start seeing vampires on my roof. Or ninjas. Or death eaters. I didn't dare to stare at it too long. So I guess I'll come back after a bit of sleep :D
6/9/2013 c8 jhgpwoeiurhvaouweu
Okay, here they could have used a bit more cooperation between magical and muggle methods.. And why don't pay a visit to Poppy? I'd like to see Ziva's reaction to being healed magically :)
6/9/2013 c3 jhgpwoeiurhvaouweu
once again, this is great :D you bring everyone's character co well, I really like it :) Abby is herself, too :D
6/9/2013 c2 jhgpwoeiurhvaouweu
oh, I really like it! And this play with the intecom was really funny :D And I suppose Gibbs and Moody like eachother already :)
6/9/2013 c1 jhgpwoeiurhvaouweu
Oh, this is just exactly what I've been looking for! I mean, it seems it is, of course there is still the how-will-Hogwarts-react question, but everithing is given to a great story :D I have to say I think it is a bit stretched do throw them to the UK but really it was my own stupidity, I don't know how I imagined an NCIS&HP crossover without this :) It's certainly so much better than getting the wizards to come in the US :D
5/23/2013 c65 Magyk Knight
I love the character interaction in this story! It is spot on.
5/19/2013 c28 AerynS
This is the first time I read an NCIS/Harry Potterverse xover. I'm glad I took the chance to do so. The characters rang true and it was interesting. Thank you for taking the time to share. Regards!
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