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for An Unusual Case

6/16/2009 c4 2librarywitch
Mikee turned me on to this one. I like it. You are off to a good start and I am looking forward to seeing where you are going with this. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
6/16/2009 c4 3CrimsonMoon2009
Hope you write more soon, I love it.
6/16/2009 c4 2clt
Am liking this story. Feels a touch fast-paced, but that could just be me. Really like the interaction of the team, might be a bit of a nice little surprise if one of the unexpected team members actually knew about magic (Palmer maybe?)

Patiently waiting for more...
6/15/2009 c4 12Mikee
Fun story so far.

Love Minerva's reactions to the NCIS team and vice versa.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

Thank you.
6/15/2009 c4 12cflat
Well, this is much better than I thought it would be. (I read, actually more like skimmed, another Harry Potter/NCIS xover where Gibbs and team (including Jenny) went to Hogwarts to investigate a murder, and that was just absolutely horrible!)

I have to say, I don't recall you mentioning how exactly the NCIS team can see Hogwarts because Muggles see only ruins and several warnings of danger.
6/15/2009 c4 1Angel Xavier
I liked the chapter. I can't wait to see what you do with this story.
6/15/2009 c4 36HermionePeace
lol, great story and PLEASE UPDATE! That WAS asking nicely by the way. :)
6/15/2009 c4 mikachu1
I actually love this. I thought that it wouldn't work with the NCIS crew heading to Hogwarts but it surprised me. I think that McGonagall is a little afraid/skeptic of them because she's not familar with muggle methods. OR how exactly to deal with a group of people like Gibbs team.

What I would love to see, even though this is your fic and you have creative control of it, is Abby questioning Snape about a potion found in Gavin's system and him being his ususal charming self. Maybe as a bonus have Gibbs trying to murder Snape because he upset Abby in someway. And we all know Abby is the favorite.

Or the Golden Trio stumble onto everything and get curious/suspious of what exactly is going on? I could actually see Hermione driving Gibbs crazy with all sorts of questions..

A very interesting fic with very well characterized and true to all characters. can't wait for more
6/15/2009 c4 njferrell
McGonagall is disturbed by it all. That isn't any worse then the things Vildy did/does.
6/15/2009 c2 njferrell
I guess nobody is magical in the group.
6/15/2009 c1 njferrell
I anyone there a wizard?
6/14/2009 c4 TheMalfoyLady
hi there!

nice story you have going on...

can't wait for more! :D
6/14/2009 c4 tcadmiral
i LOVE this story, i really like your style. keep up the good work!
6/13/2009 c4 128The Lilac Elf of Lothlorien
Nice chapter. And just out of curiosity... are you going to use that ghost idea I suggested? 'Cause that would really throw the NCIS team.

Keep going. It's just starting to get good.
6/13/2009 c4 kkj
I really enjoyed the banter between the various members of the team, especially toward the end between Ziva and Tony. Marvelously done. :)
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