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for An Unusual Case

5/13/2013 c1 5DreamweaverAki
hmmmmm interesting so far... how will they respond to magic I wonder?!
4/30/2013 c65 Benita
Hey! Just read the story An Unusual Case. I know it's been years since it was written but I wanted to tell you that I thought it was awesome! I read a lot and it takes a very interesting story to grab my attention fully but yours did. Anyways thanks for the story. If you would like to contact me, I can be emailed at since I have never signed up for a fanfiction account. Good luck on your future endeavours!
4/23/2013 c65 3Fandomgaloore
Wow, it took me two full days to read this story and I loved every single word. I did not come up with Robert Neco as the killer. Really well written, and I'm definitely checking out your new story.
4/11/2013 c65 186Imaginationqueen87
I love this story! Nice work with it, I have seen a few grammar problems but nothing big enough to detract from this epic story! Thanks for posting it _
3/19/2013 c54 impureevilregal
I know I'm a pain. I'm evil it's kinda my job. Tee hee

She ripped his heart out because of you. Because you couldn't listen to me.
3/18/2013 c22 impureevilregal
Www·þ6û»íiø} as ª ad seeðß[);£¡C*h ( it's in code )

From your suffering shall rise my victory
The evil queen/ Regina mills
3/18/2013 c21 impureevilregal

I shall destroy your happiness if it's the last thing I do
Regina mills/ the evil queen
3/18/2013 c2 impureevilregal
But what if I want to be a villain? They are way more awesome than the good guy. Never heard of ncis before this so it is a completely new experience

This would've been enough you would have been enough
3/14/2013 c19 MadisonTaylor13
I know the 'Dear Liza’ song! It's so annoying! I've had it stuck in my head before! Anyway, love this story so far.
3/13/2013 c18 JWR Cromwell
wonderful story
3/5/2013 c65 TxA-GunFighter
Loved the story and will now start the sequel. Thanks for sharing.

3/5/2013 c64 TxA-GunFighter
Outstanding story, enjoyed it very much.

3/5/2013 c63 TxA-GunFighter
Very good chapter, well thought out and written.

3/5/2013 c62 TxA-GunFighter
Good chapter, bit of a bummer at the end.

3/5/2013 c61 TxA-GunFighter
Very good, getting interesting. It should start hitting the fan shortly.

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