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2/22/2012 c25 harrypotteraddict101
I know this story is rather old but I just read 25 chapters in an hour and a half at 0200. I decided you should know that your story is really good! Just some things I would like to comment on, such as the fact that NCIS shouldn't be allowed to see Hogwarts due to muggle protection charms and why can't they use vertiserum for the interviews and why hasn't someone suggested it? A couple other things I would comment on but then again it is 0200 so I won't. I truly do love your stor though and I fully intend to read all 65 chapters. =D Love this lots!
2/17/2012 c65 Amazed
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I've been reading for the better part of eight years and finding something different and fascinating has become quite difficult, but you have definitely succeeded in producing something amazing.

Your story is riveting and keeps the reader on his toes. There's no reading and TV watching at the same time with this story.

Absolutely brilliant. Kudos to you.
2/11/2012 c65 66Pink Wolf Princess
YAY! Happy ending time! Whew.

*eats chocolate cake with Padfoot*

What a tale. And now I'm all caught up for the sequel- sweet!
2/11/2012 c64 Pink Wolf Princess
Sick, twisted brat. :O

I'm glad they're not sinking to his level. :[
2/11/2012 c63 Pink Wolf Princess
... Did not see that coming. o.o

Thanks for explaining the epicness, which makes it even more epic.
2/11/2012 c62 Pink Wolf Princess
... What just happened? It was epic, but I need a less biased POV. O.o
2/11/2012 c61 Pink Wolf Princess
Okay, so it's not Pettigrew, who is it?

Well, reading about the ball was fun even if I'm clueless about the purpose of their actions (so far).
2/11/2012 c60 Pink Wolf Princess

Madeline isn't an OC? O.o

Anyway, classic Gibbs in the interrogation. O_O I'm surprised she held out as long as she did.

Can't wait for the next chapter- and I don't have to!
2/11/2012 c59 Pink Wolf Princess
... Meep. Well, at least the team is reuniting, which is good.
2/11/2012 c58 Pink Wolf Princess
Uh- okay.

Great, poor Ziva. The stupid killer is tearing them apart, Lisa!

*Padfoot shakes head sadly* Oh shut up, I like the Nostalgia Critic.
2/11/2012 c57 Pink Wolf Princess
Eep. Well, they're okay for now.

Poor Padma. O.O *shudder*
2/11/2012 c56 Pink Wolf Princess
Thank goodness Ziva's back. :}

And Sirius helped her- yay! Good puppy! *scratches Padfoot's ears*

He's driving them all up the walls. He's so twisted to get pleasure from causing all this pain.
2/11/2012 c55 Pink Wolf Princess
AAH! This can't end well, at all. O.O
2/11/2012 c54 Pink Wolf Princess
Meep. Will Gibbs be okay?

... Bugger. Lupin is going to horrified at himself. Just, oh no.

That warped killer is pushing everyone to the breaking point! :O
2/11/2012 c53 Pink Wolf Princess
Who's the killer? :/ I honestly don't have a clue now... I thought it was Pettigrew but... is he possessing Cedric again or something? What's going on? I'm getting worried.
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