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5/24/2023 c18 mumphie
I had momentarily forgotten what was going on this year. I suppose they will discover Sirius? Will they feel the dementors? Will they learn of the supposed threat to Harry?
5/24/2023 c15 mumphie
As to the A/N - I agree. I felt like since the first two they just let the Directors do their thing and let the films be snippets of what was in the books. They said they wanted to keep the movies down in time because people have short attention spans. That is ridiculous. Potter fans would eat it up no matter how long the movie was.
5/24/2023 c1 mumphie
I think it is a marvelous beginning! :) You know it's good when there is no trepidation to click the 'Next' button.
3/24/2023 c12 49Polydicta
Nope! Not gonna review!

too busy reading a good story here.
3/24/2023 c1 Polydicta
I feel sorry for Filch.

He's the one who gets ALL of the nasty stuff in broom cupboards to clear up ...
1/3/2023 c44 Guest
This wasn't a "nothing happened" chapter - it was a chapter where NUANCES that back up the story happened. I like these kinds of chapters. They bring life to the story.
1/3/2023 c29 Guest
In one way I love this story and will definitely keep reading, but in another way all the negative characteristics of every single character have been exaggerated to the point that they're almost laughable. The NCIS crew are WAY too childish and temperamental and juvenile and the same sadly can be said of the Hogwarts crew.

And logic? Where is the logic? Hey, we have a serial killer in the boarding school so we'll...just stay open and let them keep killing!111! That's a stupidity of JKR's basilisk arc...
1/3/2023 c25 Guest
Do house elves not exist in this AU?
1/3/2023 c17 Guest
Did they ever get to eat?
12/26/2022 c65 kittiekind
really enjoyed the story, but where's the elves, time-turner and map? best resources left unused. overall I enjoyed the story, but you need a Bera for the little things through. I would also have joined the filler chapter together where possible. write another one please. maybe one where a muggle found out about the whole hidden world and dtart by killing of the blood purists first, then the ministry, maybe because they didn't want yo punish the pure blood that raped herald then kill her
12/26/2022 c51 kittiekind
how come there are no elves?
12/26/2022 c51 kittiekind
annoying. very very annoying
11/19/2022 c12 Gerhardboetie
great story. love it!
11/15/2022 c34 paula
iloveharrypotterfilmsandncisisoneofmyfavtvshows thanksforwritingthisstory
11/14/2022 c4 GBTtown
Sorry, too stupid and infantile to continue.
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