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for Family Reunion

7/18/2013 c5 3nejitenfan
Man I wish you had continued your the only one who got Atlanta's ancestor correct.
12/17/2009 c5 4Ifbookswerefood-i'dbefat
hey if you don't mind i would like to take over this story. i like your ideas and i think it would be a waiste not to continue it. so let me know k?
12/12/2009 c5 47HoneyGoddess57
Aww that reeks and so what if the chapters were too short I loved it, man it really sucks.
12/11/2009 c5 3merdisney
aw thats unfortunate well i guess it takes the writers decision to make a good story well hopefully there will be more stories in the future
11/14/2009 c1 sugar plum fairy
i love your story! PLS PLS PLS PLS! continue it!
11/11/2009 c4 4High Gaurdian
your chapters are to short
8/28/2009 c1 teenbooklion
Your story is starting off pretty well!

Please continue :)

I want to keep reading!

(Also, please read my story "a love betrayed" and review)

Thanks, :)
8/25/2009 c4 47HoneyGoddess57
That was a short one but still please continue...
6/12/2009 c3 person on internet talker
...lem...lololololololololool...rofl *sighs*...ok im god...lololololololool...*cough*
6/10/2009 c3 HoneyGoddess57
They should have been shocked seeing thier parents there, obviously, keep it up!
6/6/2009 c2 HoneyGoddess57
Oh wow, so Jay is an only child in this story... m interesting. But with the families was good, please keep it up! Oh and go see my story, "This is what happened" .. read&review it as you tell me what you think about it, thanks!

Peace, Thunder-Handicapy-Godess
6/4/2009 c1 HoneyGoddess57
That is so cool, I hope some of them has siblings... sorry it will be too bad if they don't any siblings... like I use for my stories... siblings. Please continue!

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