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for Leaving the past behind

11/13/2021 c44 Guest
Was hoping Luke & Jesse had twins ( a boy & a girl).
11/10/2021 c20 Guest
Mixed feelings about this story.
10/7/2010 c47 10JenD16
I just finished reading the whole story. It was great! I absolutely loved the characters and the storyline. I am glad that you had Enos and Daisy together. I am sad that this story is over now though.
6/28/2010 c47 Sarah
Don't really know what to say except...WOW ! I love the way you tied up the loose ends and yet left it open for a sequel ( hint, hint !) Fabulous story. Thank you.
6/27/2010 c47 B.L. Davenport
Fantastic! Please don't stop here I for one would love to see more stories to go with this one.
6/27/2010 c47 15DixieDavenport
A great ending to a great story. Hope to see more from you soon.
4/7/2010 c46 B.L. Davenport
I agree with Dixie Davenport this can't be the end! Great Chapter though I have been following this story almost from the first chapter's posting and I have loved every chapter its been a fun and exciting ride.
4/6/2010 c46 DixieDavenport
Really great so far but I know you ain't gonna leave it hang like that there has got to be more?
2/20/2010 c45 B.L. Davenport
This chapter was great, it was nice to see the family all their together. Uncle Jesse would be happy to know the family is expanding and coming together. It really looks like they are leaving the past behind them with nothing but wonderful things to come in the future.
2/15/2010 c45 DixieDavenport
Great Chapter! Hope to see more of the story. Glad the family & farm is growing. Looks like they made Jesse out to be wrong about the "chances of them having a family rating right up there with hoggs producing BEEF"! But, I'm sure this time he wouldn't mind bein' wrong.
2/7/2010 c44 B.L. Davenport
Great Chapter! Had me worried when one of the monitors on the baby went off. My own niece who's 15 months old was a preemie and did exactly what Georgia did she pulled out her IV LOL. Now I'm wondering what it is Bobby has been up to.
2/7/2010 c44 Sarah
Well...what can I say ? I can say...WOW ! That was a fantastic chapter.So moving... I was crying buckets ! Glad to see things getting better...now worrying about what's up with Bobby ! Please update soon.
2/6/2010 c44 DixieDavenport
Cute chapter! So far so good, hope they continue to do well.
2/3/2010 c43 DixieDavenport
Great chapter!

Loved this part! (Cooter turned back to Cletus. "Cletus, unless you

have a desire to have a career change and become a midwife. Go get Bobby and bring him to my office. ")

Hope everything goes OK for Luke, he don't need this! So many stories end in the wrong way and life can go wrong, but Hazzard always has happy endings. Hope to see one!
2/1/2010 c43 B.L. Davenport
Excellent chapter, hope Jess is going to be ok, can't wait for more I'm anxious to know what they are going to name the little one.
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