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9/28/2020 c2 Guest
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cool post
8/22/2020 c56 kaliQueen
I’m confused on this, did they have sex or did they not?
8/22/2020 c73 kaliQueen
In all honesty, I don’t understand why she would go back with him. He cheated on her countless of times. And whether they were on a break or not, if he really truly loved her, he would had broken his friendship with Barbara, and kick her out of his life. This man is just making my heart sore for Kori. Smh
8/12/2020 c94 yellowflickersparking
2020 and il still read it hahahaha thanks, it was fun to have something so long to keep me entertained
5/26/2020 c1 Lena
This story is sooooo amazing! I wish you had continued! It’s really good!
1/11/2018 c94 Pickles333
Pleaseeeeeee pleaseeeee pleaseee pleaseee please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasse PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSEEEEEEEE UPDATE THE STORY!
8/10/2017 c21 8anachit08
This is your second story I'm story reading, and honestly both are equally well written. I love how you research well about each setting you put them in. It makes the story a lot more authentic, not to mention I learn something from it. I hope you update this soon.
1/30/2017 c32 Hayama Chiaki
Love this story! Love it when he is taking it slow in relationship...
8/15/2016 c1 sonnyd
finish the story
8/5/2016 c1 Maybeprobably
Please finish this!
5/27/2016 c1 18Sam Manson Repilica
I love dick as an arrogant playboy who eventually changes for kori
5/20/2016 c94 31Bravo
Glad to see that you have returned to writing, great chapter and I am looking forward to more updates
4/18/2016 c94 StarRobfan
Hello I am fairly new to fanfiction and I eventually came across your stories which are all amazing, it always saddened me when I re read this and some other stories (a lot of times) you did and not know how it would end. It was fun imaging how it would go but the way you have written these stories so well I wanted to see how you would end it. However I am not demanding you go update all your stories now I am just grateful that maybe I might have some closure. If not its always nice that the stories are there and I can read them again
4/17/2016 c94 1r0bstarfan13
I'm so confused. I was so angry at Richard for cheating, and I wanted Kory to leave them forever, even though they are obviously my favorite pairing. But now he's being so sweet and apologetic and my stomachs actually in knots. your writing is amazing. I was very glad to see this story updated even though messes with my emotions.
4/17/2016 c94 30Fiery Crusader
I never thought I'd see an update long after the previous one, but I'm thrilled nonetheless! I must have read this story so many times despite the chapter count that it's not even funny lol.

It'll be a while for Richard to officially mend his mistakes with Kory, but at least they're on the right track to recovery. Their relationship has gone through its highs and lows throughout the years and I have no doubt that their bond will be near unbreakable when they get through this. Of course Richard might be looking at a very complicated future if his hand cannot be fully recovered, and I can only hope he'll be able to find an administrative position in his field of work that would require less physical effort.

Thank you so much for the update and I hope to see the next one soon!
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