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12/20/2011 c83 6LionJustice
I second that. I am happy that they're together again. Still this was sort of like an open door to me for Dick to start filling Kory in to all those subjects they will have to work out eventually...I don't want to think about Red or Barb right now.

I'm very happy you could update this one next to the others^^ Thank you for that!

Hope you're better...and as much as I would like to push you to update a little faster, just becouse I am adictED to your fics, I keep my word and promise I'd never do such thing :) Although I really want to know how they go from here, I'm really looking forward to it. Nice chapter I enjoyed it very much...take care ;)

12/20/2011 c83 SwampBandit
Thanks for updating this. I think this one of your three AU's you are working on is my current favorite.

Still a lot of tenuous ground to cover, as her memories come back. Plus there's still Red and Babs to deal with and whatever plan they may be hatching.

Look forward to more.
12/19/2011 c83 Estringe
Maybe I just don't get it. Why did Robin Oh my god when Kori suggested a beaver? i'm so confused. Love it though.
12/4/2011 c82 8Skies-Shall-Rain
Again, your ability to write so many chapters without the story growing dull amazes me. The story doesn't move too fast, but it doesn't go so slowly that it becomes monotonous: perfect balance. Simply wonderful.
11/30/2011 c2 ily26
11/16/2011 c82 ily26
ahhh wonderful chapter! y must u torture us with a cliffhanger? I hope u update soon! I'm in love with ur story
11/16/2011 c82 6LionJustice
YEAH! Chibi Teen Titan Cartoon Shorts will be awesome! And it'll sure be an open window for more possibilities, this shorts are going to be great! I can hardly wait!

Now I gave a great 'woohoo!' This morning when I read you updated this! Guess the RobStar one shot contest took much of your time alog with some other stuff...anyway, I thank you becouse I was missing this story, missing all of your stories actually^^ While reading my mind was all 'oh boy!' I still can't see if talking with Kory about what she forgot is gonna be hard or easy..of going with hard but sometimes, I don't know her ways leave me the possibility that it might not be as hard as it would appear...but who am I kidding, it will be pretty difficult.

In my humble opinion I think you cut it in the best part *chuckles* but I'm cool with that, I've always been, well most of the time ¬¬ ^^u As always I'm here waiting to read more and more of your fics, thanks again for this one reading DC, PAU and YGM is one of my most fav parts of the day ;)

11/16/2011 c82 12Serenity - formerly sb1
What a predicament. How will Kori react when she finds out what really happened?
11/16/2011 c82 SwampBandit
Yay an update! Though it was short and sweet, it was still good to have an update. I feel sorry for Kory here, wondering how she'll react if she gets her memories back. I look forward to see how you resolve this.

Great to see you updating again. I hope all is well.
11/16/2011 c82 4Itsgoose2u
Thanks for taking the time to update, really sweet chapter Star :)
11/15/2011 c82 Estringe
GAH! Why must you torture me with these cliff hangers! Wonderful story.
11/8/2011 c81 8CiStarr93
I'm just to amazed how this story is. I wondering what will happen when kori remembers what he did. Will they actually sit down have tht tlk tht they need to have. Also what is Barbara nd Xavier gonna do nxt.. omg I can't wait for the nxt chapter!
11/3/2011 c81 ily26
Again another great chapter! I'm addicted to your story and I'm so glad you updated:)
11/2/2011 c81 6LionJustice
I-I don't know what to say...I'm amazed, a little sad (for Kory) but still. It makes me feel relieve at some point seeing her getting this better, along with other things ¬/¬

Hopefuly she will be full recovered soon enoght, I hope. Althought I'm a little worried, I can't stop thinking the same way Dick does...will she still want him? I mean, she loves him but the fact is that she has a hole about the latest memories and those were not very good ones.

Getting to the end of this chap, I gotta admit watching her this dreamy and anxious? if that's the word? about going home with Dick made me chuckles^^ I can't her feeling in love with her when she seems so happy even when the real background isn't.

Nice chapter, very nice actually...thank you so much! Hope you're getting better about the headaches *hugs*

11/2/2011 c81 12Serenity - formerly sb1
This is like the calm before the storm. She's gonna break down when she remembers what really happened.
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