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7/11/2009 c2 atrociously beautiful
uhh please update soon i think its cute
7/6/2009 c2 2thorthehero
story is still good.
7/6/2009 c1 thorthehero
this is a great story! please write more!
6/7/2009 c1 9moonshine86
This is just so CUTE! I hope you would continue your story, it's great!
6/5/2009 c1 soundtrackofthestars
i hope you would continue this story cause i will be itching to read another chapter:D
6/5/2009 c1 OdeFromParis
PLease please please continue this story! I like it very much, It was really great ^o^
6/5/2009 c1 3ANBU Inu
Are you going to continue? You better, or else I will go join Sasuke in his emo corner and cut myself. LOL, just kidding! But this is awesome, and I'm loving it! SHANNARO!

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