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9/17/2023 c31 kouga's older woman
Momiji deserves some happiness
7/18/2023 c30 kouga's older woman
I feel bad for Kyo now
7/16/2023 c30 11Astlexis
OMG, YES, IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING! For a moment there, I wanted to condemn that old doctor who knocked at the door during the confession to the deepest pits of hell, and I'm sure Akito did too. XD Glad Tohru kissed him to convey the message more, though.

Haru's conversation with Akito really goes to show what deep scars Akito left on the zodiac as their God. Even though he willingly released them from the curse, there's still suspicion and the need to assure him that they won't put up with anything else. It will take time for Akito to forge any kind of closeness with them as regular human beings aside from Hatori, who they share a genuine father-son bond now. Also, it was interesting to see some speculation on just what exactly Ren's condition could be.
6/14/2023 c29 Astlexis
Dear lord, Ren totally blew her last card out from under the rug by appealing to Tohru's kindness to possibly avoid jail time. And after seeing how crazy Ren has been throughout this story along with her reaction at the end here, I'm starting to think there may actually be some hope for her. Or maybe I'm naive. XD It was awesome seeing Yuki take a stand here and tell Ren off! And now Akito is getting better, so that will be good!
5/19/2023 c29 kouga's older woman
Ren is truly disturbed
5/10/2023 c28 Astlexis
We all know that Ren is vile and crazy. But I have to commend you for somehow being able to expand on her character even more than the source material did what with giving her a real plan (crazy as it is) and really going into her twisted "logic". Anyways, Isuzu was the real hero here with her resourcefulness to bide her time in order to push the hospital call button. It's very heartwarming that she realized she did that for Tohru despite how she still sees Akito.

Oh, man. Here it comes... Kyo is starting to get his heart wrenched finding out Tohru had feelings for Akito. And I don't believe it will end there. That was a very good point Tohru made that Kyo had hurt her too, but she forgave him.

That was some good insight on Shigure's feelings in the aftermath of the curse breaking. It's a good thing, but at the moment I imagine he's feeling a bit lost without that to bring some drama to his life. But then again, it looks like Ren is still trying to provide more than enough of that. She really is nuts to trust that Shigure would still aid her in anything after everything she's done to Rin and Akito and Tohru. But I'm glad he's playing along with her for now, because that's probably the safest course of action in order to stop her once and for all.
5/6/2023 c28 kouga's older woman
She is truly twisted
3/14/2023 c27 Astlexis
That was so intense! Everything from Akito fighting to stay alive to his confessions to Tohru and Hatori were heartbreaking. And Tohru's thought about what she worried were words that would just sound to Akito like they were only being directed to a dying man if she said them really has me hoping that it's happening for her now and she realizes she loves him! The hug between her and Hatori was also incredibly heartwarming. He's the dad they all need, and she felt that big time.

Rin and Haru's moment was good with how they're struggling to come to terms with Akito's reformation still and both admitted to each other they weren't completely against pulling the plug on him. And now Rin is starting to regret that emotion, and not a moment too soon with crazy Ren showing up right there in Akito's hospital room. For a fancy hospital (I'm not completely sure if it's a Sohma hospital though?), they sure are lacking security with how that nut job can just sneak in like this! Although maybe Ren won't want to kill Akito hopefully since she seemed to display some regret apologizing to Akira. But hey, she's crazy, so who knows?
3/9/2023 c27 kouga's older woman
Oh no! Someone needs to get that evil woman!
2/1/2023 c1 wave.emma
Great fanfic, please update more author! Do you happen to have any fan page or social media i can follow and support?
12/16/2022 c26 Astlexis
Ren is nuttier than a fruitcake, and she finally crossed the line completely here with her ridiculous Akira belief and stabbing Akito like that. I hope Hatori finds him soon! That was amazing how Akito got rid of the curse himself just by commanding it. I never of it working like that, but it seems possible enough and just shows how much he has changed. The individual curse-breaking scenes for the Zodiac members were really touching and had depth to them that wasn't quite as easy to do in the manga.
12/4/2022 c26 kouga's older woman
I hope Ren pays!
11/29/2022 c26 SweetestChick
Wow. Well-done chapter! Sad, sweet ending but I'm sure there's something that can be done for Akito since you like happy endings...I think lol. Part of me wonders if Tohru was able to knock Ren out or if another person showed up. Hmm...

Anyways thank you for updating!
11/14/2022 c25 Guest
This imo is the best Tohru x Akito fanfic. Amazing work!
11/7/2022 c25 Astlexis
Holy shit, things just got even crazier! I don't even know how to express it properly, but Akito's comparison of dreading the knowledge of his imminent death (well, only then at least) through terminal illness to the sheer panic of fighting for his life against a murder attempt is described brilliantly. In this moment ironically, he can say he feels more alive. Ren is just batshit crazy blaming him for Akira, and oh my lord, it's time for "the box" here now. That's quite an interesting theory she's worked out about how to keep the curse going though, I must say. And I'm not surprised she tried to kill Akito before. Hatori truly feels like the father Akito never really had after Akira. He was always looking out for him.

The Kyo and Yuki scene was nicely done in this story what with Yuki having something of a different position on it due to him having feelings for Tohru and no Machi present at the moment. But now with Tohru off to the Main House to hopefully find Akito, Kyo is going to find out she's there possibly and follow.
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