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8/31 c1 greyes26
Great fanfic and love fruit basket as a whole.
8/25 c17 SweetestChick
Wow. I'm...speechless. I mean I knew something was gonna go down but never did i expect a murder from Ren. Didnt think it would go beyond a catfight lol. Hopefully Rin is just knocked out not dead but guess we find out next time! On a lighter note, glad Akito was allowed to see Tohru alone and that they are bonding more. I wonder what other devious plots Ren is up to. This seems like it could get messy...

Thank you for updating!
8/20 c17 kouga's older woman
Poor Izuzu!
8/18 c17 emys-chan
Wow... i love it...
8/17 c17 11presea221
This is sooooo good! I can't even... The Tohru and Akito scene gave me the feels bigtime. Seeing awkward, careful Akito being so gentle and interested in Tohru's past did my heart good. He is trying SO hard to change, and he really does understand her better now. Identifying about Katsuya and Akira makes sense for them since they were both left with a lot for any child to handle with their mothers, just in different ways. I also liked it when Akito stopped to actually think about the servants. (I'm guessing that Akari is the mean older one from the manga who was even hesitant when Akito reached out to her in the end.) Overall, it was a great fluff and relationship-building scene.

Oh, f**k no! As soon as it was made clear that Ren wanted to meet Isuzu in private, I had a bad feeling of where things were going. It's just like Ren to actually be petty about Shigure looking like he's favoring Isuzu. She needs to get it straight that she's not God's gift to men. (Okay, bad way to phrase that, I guess. Xd) And now Isuzu is trapped and I got the feeling that Ren is going to try making this look like it was Akito's doing just to get people to hate him since she's already gave Isuzu the wrong idea about him and Tohru.
6/15 c1 Zero testarossa
Was this made before we knew akito is a girl I'm so confused
4/3 c16 SweetestChick
Ooh. That Rin is vicious i tell ya. Good thing Akito learned to control his emotions and not let her get beneath his skin. And thank God for Tohru!

Thank you for updating and I'm interested in what plans Shigure and Tohru cook up for breaking the curse.
4/1 c16 presea221
Akito is actually beginning to feel hope!? This is a very good thing. Of course, Ren had to try to wreck it all by being a total bitch here. Clearly, the emotional abuse that she's been dishing out to Akito has been going on for a long time and left more than a few scars. I'm glad he was able to stand up to her this time though and remember Tohru's words to him.

Shigure really orchestrated that whole thing for Kyo to find out about the curse and Tohru's feelings for Akito. Just wow... But then, that is how he works his plans. Despite the greater good of his intentions, you just KNOW he loves seeing all the drama, too. XD I felt bad for Kyo with how hearing about Kureno still doesn't seem to give him any hope. Hopefully, that will change, though.
4/1 c16 kouga's older woman
Akito's mother needs to be banned from getting near him!
4/1 c16 kagome-sono-jamakusai-miko
Oooohh! -Delighted squeal- you updated! Thank you!
12/31/2020 c15 presea221
I'm sorry it took me forever to get to this! I've just been really busy.

So, we finally get to see the queen bitch herself, Ren Sohma. It seems like her relationship with Akito is just as strained with him being a boy as it was in the manga. But I got a feeling we don't have the whole picture yet. Props to Isuzu for standing her ground until she got at least a confirmation that Ren would be willing to help, even if she did have to use Shigure's influence over her to do it. Ren didn't sound very concerned (your son is dying and you would "maybe" like to help him!?). I get the feeling she is hoping to gain something from all this for herself.

Very interesting how in this first meeting with Kureno for Tohru, he sort of drops a bomb about the curse, although it can still be interpreted differently, I suppose. I liked how he described why he likes Arisa with her being a more honest, straightforward person. We gotta get these two together! Also, I love this little identity crisis Tohru is going through as she realizes she would rather take action when it comes to helping others, despite it being "impolite".
12/29/2020 c15 kagome-sono-jamakusai-miko
Oh my gosh! I can’t tell you enough I love this story! I just now recently watched the 2019 series and I’ve been on a binge with fanfics. Your story has got to be my favorite though! I think you captured everyone perfectly! It’s like watching the show but I’m reading it instead! Well done! Can’t wait for more :3
12/1/2020 c15 SweetestChick
This should be interesting with Ren and Akito meeting up. Idk if Akito would care for her visit or not right now. Is it bad that I was still hoping for some Akito/Tohru moments again this chapter lol? Loving the development so far. And thank you for updating! Do come back soon!
11/29/2020 c15 kouga's older woman
Not sure I trust Ren
10/29/2020 c14 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please. i can't wait for you to officially get akito and tohru together.
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