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4/4/2019 c13 11presea221
Yes, I heard about the anime reboot a little while ago. I'm excited as heck about it! It will be great to the characters we didn't get to see before like Isuzu, Machi, etc. on screen. With how popular Fruits Basket has always been even outside of Japan, I'd be really surprised if this did get cancelled, so hopefully, we will get to see it. I wouldn't say that the reboot makes this story pointless. Canonically speaking, you could always say that it is meant to represent a sequel to the first version of the anime. Onto the story! Isuzu is once again proving how resourceful she can be with taking advantage of Tohru's connection to Akito. But now he heard that the wrong way! I just hope he finds out that Tohru does feel that way about saving him from the curse, too. The Ayame scene was absolutely hilarious! He is certainly not high on Akito's list of zodiac members, but to see just how that can happen really brought it home. Shigure is fricking savage and I love it! Yeah, I feel bad for Kureno about Arisa, but it was still so satisfying to see Shigure light into him like that. And you're not fooling anyone with that little tantrum, Akito. The dog is the one zodiac member who is not afraid of you. As always, this was worth the wait and I'm glad that you still update it. You have put too much effort into it to just quit, I think.
10/25/2018 c12 Guest
Please update. Just finished reading and already I need more.
3/19/2018 c12 r4z0rbl4d3-4k1
Plz update this is a very good story
3/1/2018 c12 SweetestChick
Thank you for updating! I was wondering about this story. I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about it lol.
2/25/2018 c12 presea221
Like always, you're outdoing yourself with this story. Akito's inner turmoil here and his realization that he likes having Tohru care about him shows just how good she is for him. He needs to let himself go a bit and rely on someone else when he needs help! Not just the usual tough front he put up canonically and here with the "Yes, everything is fine, Hatori." Because no, you are NOT always fine, Akito. Well, psychologically speaking, that is. XD

Yuki just let a bomb drop here with the Kyo thing and he didn't even know it. I wonder if Tohru will equate breaking the curse with doing something about Akito? If he, Kyo, and Tohru end up having to spend some time together at the summer home, I bet that it could get really tense for them! Love triangle brewing...

I loved the scene with Kureno and Akito. Akito was more reasonable, but at the same time, he is still such a tortured soul. Kureno actually getting angry was pretty cool. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, this guy usually just drives me up the wall (outside of his scenes with Arisa), but finally, he didn't just sit back and take something! It's not the same as when Tohru is polite because there was so much more behind that. So it was nice to see this guy let loose for once. XD

Now, everything is set up, and I can't wait to see what happens!
2/25/2018 c12 kouga's older woman
More please!
1/8/2018 c11 Sakuraus
Love your story looking forward for more :)
9/16/2017 c11 whenthesnowmelts
This is so beautifully written! I don't know where to begin! I honestly felt as if I were reading an extension of the anime. Mentally I could picture it all and the characterization was near flawless. Please, oh please don't give up on this fic! And I know fanfic writers write when you can and do not owe us readers anything but please know I anxiously wait for more chapters!
Xoxox whenthesnowmelts
8/12/2017 c11 Lalaland
Love this
7/31/2017 c11 2naominash
I love what you've done in writing this fanfic. Tohru, my favorite manga character of all time, is at her best. All the characters are blessedly in character. Akito is sadistic and cruel, but tastefully written (I'm no fan of rape and torture fics). I honestly cannot wait for the next chapters, though I understand that life sometimes gets in the way.

The only parts I ended up skipping were some of the side character's perspectives- Momiji, Hiro, and Arisa. But only because they were overshadowed by the compelling narratives of Tohru, Akito, Kyo, Yuki, Shigure, and Hatori.

Thank you so much for the editing and care you put into writing this. I look forward to updates,

7/23/2017 c11 4Raven BlackRose21
I am deeply intrigued with the way the story has progressed so far and cannot wait until you update it again. I do hope that will be soon. Thank you for writing such an amazing ending to one of my favorite anime's! 3
7/20/2017 c11 kouga's older woman
Hope it works
7/15/2017 c11 SweetestChick
Great another, although not as long as I would like, update lol. Thank you!

I see things are starting to be planned for Akito and Tohru. I'm really in anticipation for how things will pan out between them. Please do update asap lol.
7/15/2017 c11 22Clow Angel
Been ages since I read any Furuba fics and I thought yours was intriguing. Turns out I was right! Looking forward to see how you'll get Tohru with Akito when she's clearly fixated on Kyo at the moment. :)
7/13/2017 c11 11presea221
Alright! An update! So now it looks like you are going to make them go to the summer retreat by the ocean from the manga. I love that idea, because I can only imagine what kind of drama could go down there in this story, too. And it is fitting since it's summer right now. XD I also love the new story image you added because it was from that time in the manga.

Kyo's thoughts in this chapter lead me to believe that Akito is also planning to confine him for life here, too. But with how Akito is starting to feel about Tohru, I'm worried that he will also see locking up Kyo as a way to eliminate his competition. Either way, I hope that Kyo will be okay.

You added a very interesting and insightful idea about Akito's curse. If the members of the Zodiac feel that they are forced to obey him, then it would also make sense that Akito feels like he is forced to rule over them. I wish that the manga could have gone into more depth about how "God's" curse worked.

I love how Shigure is still a badass mysterious guy who has his own way of getting things done in this story. And his idea about the Main House needing hold music on their phone lines, Lol! I am kind of surprised that he hates Kureno in this story too since they both had no relationship with Akito. But I like it. Even though I always like Kureno when he is with Arisa, I sort of hate him just by himself. And I am not even completely sure why. XD
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