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for To Melt a Frozen Heart

2/20/2017 c10 CaptiveRaven
OMG PLEASE, PLEASEPLEASE! Continue this story! I love this! It is amazing and can't wait to keep reading should you continue it.
2/5/2017 c10 acorbett96
nooo! please continue! I love this so far! you have completely nailed all the characters and their personalities so well, and I love the pace! please please update soon!
2/4/2017 c2 1KnightOwl247
How the hell do you get all the characterizations to a T!? Kudos to you!
1/29/2017 c10 N0tInUs3-180
This is one of my favorite stories! I'm really happy you updated (sorry I know you updated a whileago, but my account had issues). :( :)
1/9/2017 c10 XSpicyCharizard
This is really good. I'm very impressed by this story. Most fan fictions tend to go out of hand with serious characters like Hatori and don't really keep character personalities as they should be. Your story really brings out the characters' personalities very well. Your writing style is also very good :) Although I am not very good at coming up with titles either, I have a few suggestions;
God's Grudge
His Caged Emotions
To Melt A Frozen Heart

Keep the amazing work up. I'm SUPER excited to see the next update for this story so make it soon, 'kay? (‿)
1/1/2017 c10 SweetestChick
Wow thanks for the update! There was no Akito/Tohru moments but it's cool to see what's going on with the others. Shigure is quite conspiratorial, yet clever. I wonder what's gonna happen now.

Happy New Year!
12/31/2016 c10 kouga's older woman
I hope that Shigure is right
12/31/2016 c10 11presea221
I was glad to see Hiro. I always did like his friendship with Rin in the manga. I like how this is like a soap opera for all of the characters. That was how the manga seemed to me, so I would say that you have gotten the true feeling of Fruits Basket with this story. Kyo was so cute! I laughed out loud about Shigure thoughts about his "fun loving" novels! I don't know exactly what the heck was going on with Shigure and Rin in the manga, but I'm glad that Shigure resisted any temptation he felt here. Haru would have turned Black and beat him bloody! Their conversation about the curse was interesting, and I hope that this will give Rin enough hope to not break up with Haru. The part at the end has got me really curious. I wonder just what Shigure is planning? Another great chapter!
12/11/2016 c9 1Miss Cat Midnight
Please continue. I'm very interested in where this story is headed. I'm a bit fan of stories with Akito (the male version). Please update somtime soon, I'm loving it!
11/26/2016 c9 1AngelHell99
I love this book so please write more of it if you can please
10/30/2016 c9 kouga's older woman
Can't wait for more!
10/29/2016 c9 30Lady Anastasia 1993
This was a pretty good chapter! I hope there will be something awesome going on between Akito and Tohru. I have written fanfics about those two; mostly about different ways they could've fallen in love. You should check them out, and I apologise in advance if Akito is OOC in my stories, I just have a big imagination. :)
10/29/2016 c9 11presea221
Really great chapter! I love how Hatori is actually starting to become hopeful for Akito's and everyone's futures. I think he really cares about Akito. He's like a father, in a way. Yuki and Kyo sound like they are not going to accept Tohru's involvement with Akito anytime soon. The part where Tohru said that it looked like Akito might have learned to be the way he is from someone close to him was interesting. Especially with the way Yuki and Kyo reacted to it. It sounded like possible foreshadowing for Ren! Kureno's thoughts about being uncursed and his reaction to Hatori's reports about what has happened in the family were interesting. I laughed at the part about them imagining Akito getting pulled over by a cop! It was like: "You can't arrest me! I am God!" lol! It was funny because I could imagine THEM imagining it! Like a real anime scene! As for your author note: I'm not entirely sure what you think needs revising here since I personally think it is all wonderful. But I'm not the author, (and unlike you, I'm just an amateur writer!) so maybe there are things you feel like you need to correct or include. I really enjoy seeing all of the characters' stories play out here, even though I love Tohru/Akito. So I don't mind if things take a while to develop. As for the title, I would say it makes sense when you say that maybe Akito is realizing what he is missing! I have trouble with titles myself, too. Anyway, keep up the great work! It's always fun to see these updates!
8/20/2016 c8 Guest X3
This is actually one of my favorite Fruit Basket fanfictions of all time. :D This is freaking amazing!
8/9/2016 c8 Shirayuki-hime
Love this story! You're a great writer, but I was wondering about something... Why doesn't it mention anything about Akito's mom? What happened to her? I've been wondering that since I started reading your fanfiction. Did she die? Or did she reject Akito just as Momiji's mother did him?
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