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for The Soul of the Fox and the Eagle

9/20/2020 c27 1monsterkillers124
wish it wasn't so but oh well
9/19/2020 c21 monsterkillers124
why do you call Byakuya Byakura
9/19/2020 c14 monsterkillers124
it's NO exception not KNOW exception
9/19/2020 c6 monsterkillers124
replace satiation with situation and you should be fine
9/19/2020 c3 monsterkillers124
murphy's law is what happened by the way
9/16/2020 c1 Guest
Why you gotta give him a terrible weapon?
9/17/2020 c1 4Snakeskull
If you didn’t care or like Naruto then why make a story about it. I wouldn’t write a story that I didn’t like because I would lose motivation for it. Even if it was to start to write still didn’t make sense
9/16/2020 c27 36Cyberweasel89
Aren't you the guy who accused a disabled person of trolling you when they told you that their learning disability made it very difficult for people to swap between two languages rapidly for your Japanenglish?
4/16/2019 c1 Guest
They use Zampakuto, no another blade
11/11/2018 c1 LordofTerror
she is now a shinigami
3/10/2018 c26 QueenDeadPool
Well I enjoy what you have here, but hope you come back and finish it.
9/12/2017 c19 1Hipnyah
ah but kenpachi didn't kill the 11th squad captain :3 spoilers she is still very much alive kukukuku at least at this time...
3/19/2017 c4 HighPaladinRath
2/10/2017 c26 stevenfreer87
Just picked this story at random and I like it good job
1/14/2017 c26 gio08
Well damn. What a freaking cliffhanger to leave it off at. It's good to see this story back and damn did it not dissapoint. Great chapter
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