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for The Soul of the Fox and the Eagle

6/24/2014 c24 5MYK-ON
I love it!
6/24/2014 c24 9kingdom219
I'm glad things are going well again and that you're feeling up to writing again! Keep up the fantastic work!
6/24/2014 c24 8Johnny Spectre
about time you updated this, Drago
3/17/2014 c19 1Siggimondo
Yachiru doesn't give Hinata a nickname referencing her eyes. I would be mad if it wasn't so funny.

Ok, that explains the style. It's a stretch at best, but at least it's internally consistent.

Kenpachi doesn't seem like the type to worry about his hair in mid-battle. That is his 5th seat's only defining character trait, but I don't see Kenpachi sharing his opinion on the subject.

Is deja vu finally kicking in?

Hanatarou confessed to hiding Ichigo in the tunnels. Nobody considered checking the tunnels the next time an invasion occurs. Did Barragan make every single shinigami senile or something?
3/16/2014 c17 Siggimondo
So Soul Society learned absolutely nothing from Ichigo invading them, to the point where history is, for all intents and purposes, repeating itself. That's one.

Even the key figures to the whole shabang are acting as if this isn't exactly what happened less than a year ago. I'm counting this one separately, because while people are stupid, a person can be smart, so that is two.

When is this in the Naruto timeline? Hinata doesn't know that Naruto is a jinchuriki, but Asuma's son is three years old? Wasn't he conceived a few months before Asuma died? Sasuke has the Mangekyo (which may or may not be the eternal version) and not even Sakura noticed? He must be back from killing Itachi, but he's still a functional human being? Did Obito not exist or something? That's three.

Hinata even admits herself that her not being proficient with a sword is a weakness of hers. That being said, one would assume that she'd try to develop a style she could use in conjunction with her byakugan, and name her style and moves appropriately. This is hard, so I could have accepted the description of her moves pointing to similar moves in already established styles for easy reference. She has, however, used a move from a style unknown to her multiverse, naming both the style and the move correctly, having learned this from whom, exactly? That's four.

The entire town shows up to Naruto's funeral, yet out of all the shinobi ready to lend a hand, only the rest of team 7 get the memo? Shino's bugs in soul society seems like something you would not want to fight. Choji's Cho Baika no Jutsu is probably on par with Komamura's bankai on his own. I'm sure none of them, nor anyone else in the village, would mind lending their strengths. That's five.

If a tailed beast is a ticket to shinigaminess, where the heck are the other 6 jinchuriki? Yugito even lives in the same village as Killer Bee, would it be too much to ask to ask her to ask him to lend a hand? That's six.

Since NaruHina is my favourite pairing and you include decent comic relief, I can hang on for now, but I'm approaching my limit here. Get your shit together.
7/16/2013 c23 Ookami RP
cant wait for more
6/8/2013 c23 AJGuardian
And here the story ends...TTT_TTT
3/18/2013 c12 leo hoshigaki
3/2/2013 c13 Pein
bloody hell man this is awesome but I thought this is about Naruto and Hinata and also your spelling is proving to be a hindrance to your writing which is good
2/21/2013 c23 Guest
If this seems like a flame, I'm sorry cause I'm trying to help you.
One thing I liked was Naruto's fiendships with Toshiro, Shuei, and Sajin they were realistic and it makes sense about their reactions when they learned he was going to be executed. I'm curious about his relationships with everyone else like Jushiro, Shunsui, Retsu and Ichigo and his friends maybe a flashback chapter will answer that. I'm pretty sure others have said this but this story is almost similar to canon in every sense of the word, the only real difference is most of the Shimigami are with Hinata instead of against or neutral towards the problem like they were with Ichigo. I want to see the powers of Hinata's Zanpack-to considering the title is the spirit Eagle-like? One you could do differently is with Byakuya and Yamamoto, as Ikkaku mentioned history is repeating itself, those two probably realize this and are trying to weed out the person that wants Naruto dead, everyone else dosen't realize this because they're letting their emotions cloud their judgement. I hope this helps.
11/26/2012 c23 The Man
Keep writing and I'll be watching.
11/19/2012 c21 Guest
Komomaru is like Iniyasha
Also are we ever going to see Ichigo
11/19/2012 c9 Guest
If ninjutsu works here why hasn't Naruto ever used it
7/28/2012 c23 crazy-golden-monkey
I love your stories! This one is terrific, and my favorite :) Can't wait for the rest of it!
7/19/2012 c23 2Miss Lizzy-chan
AArghh! I love it :) Really Great story!
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