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for The Soul of the Fox and the Eagle

7/19/2012 c9 2Miss Lizzy-chan
Ahhh! This chapter was so good! I totally saw her flip behind my eyes! Wow, you got really a great style, i totally saw it like in an anime! Awesome !
7/12/2012 c23 11archsage328
Proof that a story does not require an insane amount of action to be enjoyable to read. This chapter was both heartwarming and entertaining. Well done!
7/9/2012 c23 naruhina545
Omg I can't wait for the next chapter (fangirl scream)
6/28/2012 c22 Guest
You could repost your stories up on .
It's not associated with FF in anyway and allows "adult" stories.
6/29/2012 c6 punkdraco
Ahhhhh! Great chapter! I really really like Gaara in this chapter... And even though I preffered Gaara/Fuu(the nanabi jinchuuriki).. It's alright...

I hope I can see more jinchuuriki Bonding!
6/29/2012 c3 punkdraco
Awesome story, great potline... I'm reviewing in the first chapter! Because I just started... So Anyway, great potline.
6/28/2012 c22 1Lost In Dreams19
6/28/2012 c22 1Minako Uzumaki
I already follow you, I just wish this whole mess with the fics not necessary TT but hey, I, read you, wherever XD
2/23/2012 c17 6Kointoss
Yep still following canon to the letter. This is getting quite boring, although I'm quite unsure of how you're going to have naruto killed, seeing as how the sokokyu was destroyed and nobody seemed to have learned Anything from the last go-round.
2/22/2012 c9 Kointoss
I am actually enjoying reading your story, it just sems like an almost exact copy of canon. the only difference is it has naruto and hinata exchanging places with ichigo and rukia. all of the events that are taking place are in pretty much the exact order and way that it happend in bleach canon.

You even have byakuya and renji come to retrieve nartuo and try to execute him just like the did rukia. However one thing that sat really odd with me was that you had byakuya think, "dont really need another ichigo" and yet he did the same exact thing. This doesnt really make much sense.
1/22/2012 c7 1dayfox96
He can have a 3some with hinata and hinata
1/15/2012 c21 11archsage328
Hinata is quick to become liked by those around her, isn't she? Anyway, you made a few typos here and there, such as misspelling "antics", but other than that, nice chapter overall.
1/15/2012 c21 uknounx
this is very good can't wait for the next chapter
1/14/2012 c1 4MadxHatter123
Omake 2 is now the official ending in my mind.
1/14/2012 c21 5Rose Tiger
Matsumoto has some nerve perving up Hinata like that!
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