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for A game, a quest and Percabeth

6/14/2010 c17 Dinosaurgirl13
lol i know logan lerman is hotttt with a capital H lol
5/24/2010 c17 10Daughter Of Poseiden
Hahaha canadains
5/9/2010 c17 transformersnerd28
love it so far but please hury witht he update
4/23/2010 c17 Adraina Flecther
I loved it altough i probally would have been able to enjoy it more if my family would have stopped bothing me! Anyway like I said I LOVED this story keep writing more pplleeaassaa!
4/21/2010 c17 2Athena'sWorstNightmare
4/20/2010 c17 Saffy
When you said you were out of here you didn't mean for good did you? No of course you didn't! You can't just leave Nico and Jace like that! Please update soon?
4/17/2010 c17 Stefaanyxo99
love it :)
4/16/2010 c15 Nobody
Travis' point of view is something new :)Oh, and Percy and Nico going after Pete was nice to read too.. hee =P
4/15/2010 c13 Nobody
So... This review stands for the ones I didn't have time to write, for all of the last chapters... Basically, I love this fic :) Jace's great, and I can totally picture her and Nico. PercyxAnnbeth's relationship is great as well.. Do they fight again in any of the nxt chapters? I mean, not discuss, but fight, swords and all that... I liked a lot them fighting each other :) Anyways, really good job with the story!
4/14/2010 c4 Nobody
I liked the idea of writing from Nico's POV. I havent' seen that much... Nad Jace sounds like she'll turn out to be a really good character :)
4/14/2010 c3 Nobody
I'm loving this story! And I liked the quote, too :P
4/7/2010 c17 me
really good,funny and exciting ive stuck with u! now continue! jk
4/5/2010 c17 mercuryandglass
Please update soon, 'cause I really love it.
4/4/2010 c17 Morganne
3/29/2010 c1 Morganne
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