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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

2/11/2011 c78 83Super Saiyan Crash
Hey this is sudden shock. Hope this is not the end yet. Also I kinda hate Pan as well. By the way, finished the dissidia x ssb story.
2/10/2011 c77 1Lizard Valis
Now that's a twist. Now that I think about it the bad guys sometimes wins the battle...
2/3/2011 c77 2Keyblader Chad
woo! Slade!...ahem...sorry...fanboy in me got excited. awesome character, especially in the cartoon.

anyway, pretty great chapter, after the heavy speeching of zannacross in the previous chapter, it's nice that even scenes with him had a variety to them again just like all the chapters in the build up to zannacross when fighting everything else.

i'm surprised though that Freiza and the other DBZ villains stood back and let Xiza taunt Ben and Lacus about their comrades demise. guess they were too lazy to share their knowledge on that mistake with the demon lord.

pretty sneaky plan of Zannacross, i assumed that he had just sent them to hell for the lulz and vengeance. using their powers against Cosmos herself is a pretty smart move of his.

so Hell wages war on heaven while Ben and Lacus are struggling to survive in your version of Darkness Beyond Time from the Chrono series. i'm looking forward to this. should be when we'll see loads of old characters and some from before this story fight in heaven, can't wait.

well keep up the great work, see ya next time.
2/3/2011 c77 8Captain A
For this chaper, let me first of all say that having Brad's soul be destroyed was a little too cruel, even for someone like him, and his soul should have been allowed to pass on into Hell like all of the other villains. (And personally, I would have liked to have seen the look on Ben and Lacus's faces when Brad's spirit appeared to face them again...)

Some quick questions:

1) When is Siegfried/Nightmare's soul going to pass on into the afterlife?

2) Are the souls of Aizen and Zaldin, the two men most responsible for turning Kira into the creep he was in this series, going to appear in Hell in the next chapter?

3) How about Barbatos and Elraine? I'd especially like to see Ben kick the snot out of Barbatos, because Barbatos said after his unfinished fight with Ben in Volume One that they'd have a rematch, but the events of the "Tales" game he came from meant that it couldn't happen. So having Barbatos appear in Hell means that they'll finally have that rematch.

In the meantime, hope you update again soon!
2/3/2011 c77 Doug
Interesting, so now Zannacross has his demon lords to do his bidding once more.

Heh, Brad not appearing is good; glad he was completely obliterated. :D

Well, this certainly sets the stage for the grand scale of the upcoming battles. Keep up the good work.

Til next time~
2/3/2011 c76 1Lizard Valis
Another twist. I thought for sure the good guys would win but...
1/29/2011 c75 Lizard Valis
More twists and turns but that's part of the story.
1/27/2011 c76 Astral 3 times
"Releasing Murakumo limits to perform adequate review of Chapter One Hundred Eighty Five data."

"Assessing Zannacross. Searching memory bank for appropriate word."

"Loading. Loading."


"To quote the blonde named Doug."


"Language vulgar, but strangely appealing. Continuing to speak in Doug fashion."

This was a pretty good chapter, Zannacross certainly has shown that he's been worth the wait. Knocking off a ton of the cast, and then some? Damn man, freakin' sweeeeeeeeeet! I can't wait to see what happens next!

*System shutdown, overload of vulgar...must adjust to appealing vocabulary."

"This piece of data was above satisfactory. Storing in memory banks for possible future use of data. All systems, hibernating."
1/26/2011 c76 2Keyblader Chad
well this was a good chapter, well written and zannacross killing everyone off was a bit of a surprise. didn't think it was gonna be that sudden.

and i'll admit, i didn't think we'd be having a scene change as in Zannacross going elsewhere.

the power certainly is what you'd expect of a dark god...but...i didn't expect that many speeches from him.

for me it was kind've overboard with just how much speeches Zannacross delivered. especially since in essence his speeches were all the same thing.

also the gag ending segment was a little weird, it interfered with the flow of the story a bit for me. everything's suddenly major serious and then...that. it threw my focus for a few moments. i can understand the point of it mind you and what you were trying to do, but it just felt out of place for me.

i'm all for comedy and sudden comedic twists but since this is the final battle and it was so deadly serious, it feels out of place at this point.

well overall it was still a good chapter and had enjoyable parts, and i'm looking forward to seeing Ben and Lacus handle the amassed forces of hell.

Keep up the good work, till next time.
1/26/2011 c76 8Captain A
Don't worry, Necron, I'm still here. Sorry that I haven't reviewed any chapters lately-over the next few days, I'm going to go back and review some of the chapters I missed.

And no, I'm not REALLY upset about the end of this chapter. I had a feeling ever since I started following this series that when Zanacross finally escaped from his prison, he'd go on some sort of rampage, so it's not TOO disappointing that Ben and the others failed to stop him at this stage in the proceedings.

I AM a little worried, though, that Zanacross might be a little TOO powerful here-so much so that he might considered unrealistically and ridiculously overpowered in comparsion to both the rest of the cast and the overall storyline.

Two questions:

1) Did any of the other good guys fighting against Zanacross manage to survive the battle against him here?

2) Is the Supreme Being (the creator of both Zanacross and Cosmos, and presumably the true "god" of the Cosmic Wars series) finally going to show up now that Zanacross is on the loose and looking to destroy all existence? Will he do anything to try and stop Zanacross himself? Why hasn't he done it before? Since he's the creator, shouldn't the laws against interfering not apply to him like they do to Cosmos and Zanacross?

In the meantime, hope you update again soon!
1/25/2011 c75 2Keyblader Chad
well these were definitely two great chapters. glad to see the gang is finally getting somewhere with getting rid of their villains.

Kira's god-stealing move was certainly a surprise, but at the same time, it's hard to explain but at the same time it was expected of him to do something.

After all this build up, i had a feeling that Kira had some sort of master plan in the works. again, becausee he was starting to remind me of Lucia Raregroove at moments. especially in this chapter with some of his speeches about the world being broken.

but regardless, didn't see that coming so was a surprise, good work on it. what wasn't a surprise at all of course was Zannacross returning after Kira's defeat.

knew you would bring him back too, i have the feeling that being trapped by Kira still may have done some harm to him though, perhaps shaved off even a fraction of his power.

Surprised to see that Zannacross looked more like a man here though as he appeared. i'm sure he's gonna use that as some kind of evidence of man being corrupt knowing what he's like.

well keep up the great work, i'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out and just how many games and anime's final battles it ends up drawing inspiration from.

keep up the good work and see ya nxt time.
1/20/2011 c74 1Lizard Valis
Kira fuses with Zannacross. Good story twist. Let us read how it goes.
1/19/2011 c75 POWER OF SCIENCE
Nice chapter, looks like Kira is finally down for the count. Was nice to hear a character drastically weaker than Kira (Doug) talk down to him, about how Kira isn't the perfect being he claims to be.

Good way to end the chapter too, finally get to see what Zannacross is made of. After so many chapters, hope he can live up to how much you've been hyping him up to be. :D

Keep up the good work, and til next time!
1/13/2011 c73 Lizard Valis
Hmm the final enemy is here. Who will prevail?
1/13/2011 c72 Lizard Valis
One villain after the next fell.
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