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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

4/28/2010 c47 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
Good story though tousen defeat couldnt have been more original?
4/28/2010 c47 2mangagor
OUCH! okay okay i'll review! jokes aside, youi really put loads of effort into each arc. i really enjoyed this chapter as always and please keep it up. finally i've made my final update on my story fanfiction for awhile now i'll rest until i get less to do and feel motivated again, check my profile please!
4/28/2010 c47 Doug
LOL Tousen!

Good chapter, like always. Nothing that really stuck out, though I did like the fact that others are trying to reach out to Doug; Squall's actually quite a good candidate for that, since as he said, he was once like that himself. Aqua compared Doug to Max as well I see, very interesting. I guess she'd be the one to know, eh?

Keep up the good work bud. :)
4/22/2010 c46 mangagor
awesome job as usual! this arc really got my blood going. i really hope you will be able to finish this story as it is made of pure awesomesauce. on other news my newest chapter is finally up, and my little OC has finally got a personality and a battlestyle! i also forgot to mention that he is a darker verion of me, more cocky, more crazy, more evil. well that's it i hope you keep it up! feel free to review my chapter as well.
4/21/2010 c46 Doug
Pretty good chapter, I see that you incorporated Tousen's past from the actual show as well, just replacing Konomora with Aqua.

Speaking of her, I was surprised to see more interactions with her and Doug. Hopefully after this mission, we'll learn why; could be out of the goodness of her own heart, but I guess the awesome author will make us wait and see ;) Oh, and this new path Doug's going down is a lot more extreme and intense than I thought. If the FF13 characters do join the Enji, which has been pretty consistent with each world they've visited, maybe Snow could talk with Doug; they have some similarities, and Ben is completely right when he said Snow was essentially the kind of guy Doug used to be-don't know what you have planned, but that would be a pretty interesting development. This new dimension to Doug's character is really awesome in the regard that it's added a new flair to the story, and to the main character's development. I do hope he'll see the light once more, and not go down the same path that Max had...that's the kind of vibe I'm getting here.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter, so as usual, keep up the great work man!
4/21/2010 c46 8Captain A
Okay, first of all let me say that I'm getting pretty sick and tired of this new attitude of Doug's. He's going to end up alienating himself from everyone if he doesn't go back to his old more optimistic self. I just hope that in the next couple of story arcs someone (hopefully Ben) knocks some sense into him so that he'll see how wrong his attitude is and apologize to everyone for how he's been acting.

Two questions about this current arc:

1) How come the Fal'Cie, who are beings of light, are working with the minions of Zannacross, who serve the darkness? Shouldn't the Fal'Cie be naturally opposed to the Empire and what it stands for?

2) How come Garma, for that matter, is working with the Empire? Wasn't he only allying with Kira's attempted coup in Volume Two because he thought it would be for the good of the Lylat Kingdom, and wasn't genuinely shocked and horrified to learn Kira was siding with the Empire when informed of it? And did he ever have ANY fatherly love for Ezan, the boy he had raised for all those years as his own son?
4/15/2010 c45 2Keyblader Chad
well another great chapter...oh no, a corrupt government and corrupt leader. haven't seen them before.

not that the Fal'cie are any better...zombie or lovely.

Well anyway can't think of much to say this time around, except that it looks like Ben and the others have their work cut out for them and i'm interested to see what is going on with this world and what the Zannacross forces are planning.

plus want to see how much more Ben and Doug's mood continues with each other.

Well keep up the good work, until next time.
4/14/2010 c45 Doug
Chapter was pretty good, can't wait to see how this progresses. Glad to have met all of the team already, good ol' Sazh.

Not too much to remark on at the moment, it's interesting to that there's another Enji who can respect Doug's opinion; hopefully that will lead to a good and peaceful compromise between him and Ben.

Keep it up dude, can't wait for the next!
4/14/2010 c45 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
interesting cant wait for more
4/9/2010 c44 Keyblader Chad
well this was a pretty good chapter, sets up the next arc nicely. introduce akuma in the previous arc and soon theirs going to be an "Enji Budokai" i have the suspicion that Akuma's going to interrupt with a dramatic appearance like he did at some of the street fighter tournaments and like he did to Rugal in the VS SNK game.

I'm glad i chose not to get FF13 now...everywhere i look the non-biased people are complaining about it so i'm definitely glad i gave this a miss.

on that note it's surprising your doing an FF13 arc but i guess theirs some bits that you can adapt into the important plot of your story...or your using this arc to take the piss out of FF13. either way should be entertaining.

on a final note...glad to see more people hate FF12, i couldn't even get quarter way through that game before it's plot bored me and it's battle system's flaws annoyed me too greatly.

anyway keep up the good work, looks like this could be the arc where lots of major fighting happens against main enemies.
4/7/2010 c44 Doug
Man, the tension between Ben & Doug just keeps rising. I am happy to see that Doug, despite being less powerful, isn't backing down, showing Ben that not everybody is going to agree with him. Aqua's right too, it isn't uncommon for friends to disagree, and the clash of ideals between Ben & Doug makes it a bit more realistic too. She mentioned her experiences in being a mediator between her old group of friends...and she's been talking with Ben, wonder if she'll ever take on the role of mediator again, though James does seem to be taking care of that.

Was also good to add more depth to Doug, he most certainly proved that he's got valid experience to back up his claims. What a cynic, but I do like this new path you've put him on. It also shows that not everybody in the Enji is coping well with things, and that things can always go wrong or in an unexpected direction at a moment's notice. It reaffirms the grim reality of the situation, which helps keep this story great and it further shows that Ben is not one of those Mary Sue-ish characters, since not everybody is agreeing with him, and he himself hasn't been handling the situation well either.

FF13's world huh? So, will Ben and co have a minimap to look at on the upper righthand corner of the screen, with an arrow directing them to where the Zannacross guys are? =P

Well, keep up the good work man. I'm anticipating some laughs, since you seem to hate FF13 so much, and I can't wait to see how you kill off that lame ass villain. I mean, when villains like Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness have more claim to fame than the metal wheel pope, that's really saying something.

Can't wait for the next one! =)
4/7/2010 c44 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
Wow doug has become bitter at least it add depth to him Seriously kill brad already
4/7/2010 c43 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
You had to put the episode 6 reference in Lacus needs to stand up for her self other wise good job
4/7/2010 c44 8Captain A
Some quick questions:

1) Is Mighty going to get the chance to fight against Zannacross and company later on?

2) How much longer now until the Enji kick Brad out for good?

3) Is Doug ever going to see the error of his ways and apologize to Ben?

4) Why didn't the other Organization members simply just kill Larxene for her latest treachery? Sacred beast inside her or not, shouldn't it be smarter to simply just get rid of her rather than simply let her go on betraying them again and again?
4/7/2010 c44 2mangagor
awesome as always! this chapter was really interesting especially the enji budokai. if you could get my OC in that arc i would be in paradise, i'm halfdone with the current chapter by now so i should be able to finish by then. until next time!
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