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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

3/29/2014 c76 37Piccolo Sky
One thing I forgot to give the last chapter credit for...Kira seemed to at least catch the bad guys completely off guard. For once, it wasn't "all part of the plan".

Interesting that King Kai "outranks" the Supreme Kai in this version...

BEN: "...I can't follow the Anti-Life Equation verbally. Could you put it up on a Powerpoint?" :P

Actually, if I REALLY wanted to piss Zannacross off, after he was done with his long speech, I'd go:

"...Do what now?" :P

Well, I should certainly hope that rather than being a master of time, space, and reality you REALLY meant Zannacross has certain powers over time, space, and reality...otherwise I'd have to say he was already wasting his time.

Uh, bad guys? If you kill Ben and Lacus...then what? Either they go to Heaven, in which case they escaped you, or they get to kick your asses for all eternity. You're kind of in a lose-lose situation...
3/28/2014 c75 Piccolo Sky
I like that these chapters are a tad shorter than before.

...Did Kira's endless ramblings actually make Ben doubt himself? Sheesh, some pathetic hero. Especially since he needed Lacus to bail him out. It's nothing he hasn't heard a million times before.

Well Kira, obviously you DO care what Doug says or you wouldn't even get mad.

"Someone like you would not be hurt nearly as bad as a cold blooded murderer like him." Um...pretty sure it would hurt Ben a lot worse. Ben actually feels remorse and he has billions of innocent lives on his conscience. Kira, on the other hand, feels nothing. I doubt he even got hurt by Lacus' attack.

BTW, that was the lamest end to an overconfident villain I've seen in a long time. He didn't even die with a GRAA! He kept calling everyone pathetic and treated his defeat as something to be bored with. And he never made the most fundamental connection: "If everyone really is pathetic, then what does that make you for losing to them?" It wasn't satisfying in the least after having to deal with his BS for three volumes. Sheesh...I can only imagine how annoying it will be when Zannacross dies...

...What the heck are all of them rambling about? Kira wasn't looking out for "good" or "evil". He was looking to pull a Mianyl, essentially. (Or...Mianyl was looking to pull a Kira.) He was a psychotic, overconfident buffoon and he deserved to die a hundred times more painfully...and at least get a much better defeat than this abrupt finish.

Not sure if I should bother reading anymore for a while. Not really looking forward to continuous protagonist curb-stomping for the next four chapters unless they're short. Besides, similar to how I've been rendered permanently unable to respect Lacus, I'll just be rendered permanently unable to consider any victory plausible aside from an author's plot device.
3/28/2014 c74 Piccolo Sky
Regarding the author's notes. I dunno...I'd say Kira fusing with Zannacross is less plausible than all of that, really. And if Ben was so pressed for time, he should have gone all out to begin with. I'm not buying his excuse he made earlier.
3/28/2014 c73 Piccolo Sky
Well, I still don't "get" Gundam that much, but I read enough this time to get the gist of what all happened there.

Yes, a third degree burn would REALLY hurt. I don't care how insane you are. :P It would also "handicap" you since even your muscles would be damaged from it.

At this point, Saix is nothing more than a "stepping stone" to everyone else. Unlike many enemies before, he never really seemed to have "the ball in his court". At any rate, he got what he "wanted". He felt like sacrificing himself for Zannacross? So be it. :P
3/27/2014 c72 Piccolo Sky
Eh, I still think my own shameless rip off of "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions" trumps yours. :P

Not much else to say here. Sigma's dead again, but other than that mostly filler battles.
3/27/2014 c71 Piccolo Sky
I don't know...all of Bowser's smug boasting earlier made it look like he was pretty clear he expected "a place in the new order". Now he's just shifting alliances to whoever has his best interest.

...And, once again, shields are useless to the planet as Bowser, Robotnik, Meta-Knight, and Axel just pop in wherever. :P

"She has proven by now she is nearly resilient as you are." ...Well, she didn't get eaten by Brad, mostly because he wasn't able to grab one of her "souls". Before that she just let one big ape slap her around...

(Nelson laugh) Always nice to see Kira humiliated. Well, well...even if it's a bit of a personality change in Lacus, it's an improvement. Seems she's got a nifty little trick up her sleeve...

"Is charging in guns blazing really the best plan we got?" I dunno, but it seems to be the most frequently-used plan as of late... I wasn't a fan of "Night at the Museum 2", but...kind of reminds me of General Custer. True, that's kind of what I did often in "The Servant"...but they seemed to always have to default to that anyway. When you don't have a galactic army behind you, you don't have a lot of options. (Shrug)

"Zannacross, you can call rocks?" "SURE. ROCKS FRIENDS." :P I couldn't resist.

Another reason I kind of go by the Gundam stuff in a hurry is because it's a lot of names I don't know, and the way the sections are written it assumes you know something about the characters already, whereas, for someone like me, all the names being tossed about just confuses me.

To borrow a joke from "The Simpsons", by the time the third Gundam popped in, if I was Ben I'd be rolling my eyes. "What is mic night?"

I noticed you said one of the Necrocalcous was "riding a Nazgul". Uh...can I assume you meant "riding a fell beast like a Nazgul"? Riding a Nazgul would be an...odd sight.

...Rather than standing around gloating in the throne room, don't you guys have anything better to do? Like...finding Lacus so you can sacrifice her? :P

Well, after reading ahead, I know this isn't indeed the end...but at least I got another chapter in before I really do try and finish it this weekened. I meant to read two a day every day this week, but I was more than a little sidetracked with school.
3/23/2014 c70 Piccolo Sky
Nah, I wouldn't say Brad died that quickly. The last chapter was the longest yet, and that was a huge fight. Plus all the fights beforehand. Ben pretty much got everything off his chest, too...although I would have preferred to hear some of it come from Lacus. Anyway...Brad's final lines were good, but I would have added a few more "descriptive" words to his dialogue to show it wasn't just boasting this time but more like some child whining a nursery-rhyme mantra in vain hope it would "protect them from monsters".

Hmm...I think I'm finally to the point of the story where there's "no more escapes", as in each fight with one of the baddies is their last one.

Also...I'm seeing your reasoning for Ravxen in this story. Does that mean you think how I handled Mianyl was "effective"? :P Of course, because you read the original version, it probably wasn't as surprising.
3/23/2014 c69 Piccolo Sky
The Dark Enji aren't at all upset about being called "lesser threats" compared to the protagonists? After all their boasting about being the toughest? I expected them to be more insulted.

...How the *bleep* did Lacus end up strong enough to oppose Brad? She was his (bleep) in every sense of the word until...(looks at watch)...five minutes ago! Remember what I said about a "Sasuke" Efffect? This just had one. Not buying it.

Well, as funny as it is to see everyone fighting the same opponent, Zannacross must be a "lightweight" when it comes to the whole "evil" thing if one mere mortal outdoes him in evil.

Brad SEEMED to have lost his mind at first, but actually as the battle went on he started sounding more and more of his old self, indicating his mind was improving.

"I won't ever betray you again." ...Where have I heard something like that before? "I'll always be there for you", perhaps? Pft. Anyway, nice to see she's out again.

Well, now I'm starting to enjoy Brad's dialogue as he's completely degenerating into a crying infant. And I do like that, at this point, pretty much every character has "smacked him around" at least once. Now to see the finale...
3/23/2014 c68 Piccolo Sky
Well, that was it. The moment everyone had been waiting for every since chapter three. After all the crap that's gone on with Brad and Lacus for 177 chapters, this is what it came to. Probably supposed to be the biggest moment in the story other than the end.

So...what's my take on it?


It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but...I seriously expected more. It didn't come off as "convenient", but it did come off as "simple". In more than a few ways, Lacus is still pathetic. Because all it took to reverse her nihilistic mindset, on the same level as the villains, was realizing someone "loved her". A: That makes her stupid because she's been surrounded by people who have loved and cared about her for some time. It was considered foolish of her to only care about one person's opinion, namely Brad's...but now all she's really done was shifted to someone else's opinion. At this point, if Ben was to become exactly like Brad, Lacus would submit to it just as easily. B: Because Lacus' mindset IS the same as so many of the villains, it implies that the heroes have been going about this all wrong. That they could have gotten the "wimpier" villains, at least, to change their ways just by "giving them a hug".

Also, Lacus' "redemption" was "watered down" by the fact she was instantly killed by Brad, more or less. That, in a sense, justified Brad because it made it clear he was at least right about Lacus being too weak to protect herself.

She's still focusing only on herself and her own pain, which means she's still shallow.

Finally, Lacus was in a "dark place" for so long, tormented so much, and went through so much...and in the span of one or two pages she's instantly back to being "herself"? I call bullsh't.

On the plus side, she DID apologize. Now she only needs to do that every day for the rest of her natural life to Ben and her friends. She might actually match the times she spit on all of them.

Aside from that...apparently the heart is the same level of "criticalness" as the hand, because people continuously get stabbed in the heart and don't die.
3/23/2014 c67 Piccolo Sky
Heh, didn't think much of Abyss, eh?

Remember how I talked about that one series about "muscleheads" called "s-CRY-ed"? Well, Myers pretty much did the same thing one of the two "heroes"'s commanding officers did. He turned himself into the bad guy and went all out taunting and beating him down until he made him clear-headed enough to unlock his true potential. Unfortunately, in his case, he destroyed his body doing it, but he still had just enough life at the end to tell him why he did it least they made up before he died.

"You're still not Superman." (Turns and looks to one of the "celestial ones".) ...Isn't he STRONGER than Superman? :P
3/23/2014 c66 Piccolo Sky
Well, so much for Earth being a secret if the bad guys knew how to get there before the heroes did. :/ And how come they're the only ones who get to be omniscient?

"This time victory is absolute." ...(Busts out laughing, unable to hold it in anymore). Oh, oh! Next you got to say "bah, they only got lucky last time! Next time victory is assured!" And throw in some of that evil laughter too! :D

...Did I miss a chapter, or something? I thought they were all fighting the controlled Digimon last chapter...

Uh, may want to cut out the reference to the Id and Superego. Even if most psychologists didn't agree that's a bunch of bull, that theory also says pretty much what Idious saying: Idious (the Id) is Ben's true nature while "Ben" (the Superego) is simply a mask he wears to fit in with society. There's no "good side" in that theory.
3/23/2014 c65 Piccolo Sky
First off, I noticed when you first wrote this story, you got upset over lack of reviews. This is just my opinion, but I think the "stretching" had something to do with it.

Ben's going off into battle again? You've made it clear even healed up his body is still ravaged. He hasn't even recovered from anything that happened a dozen chapters ago...

Earth would have been destroyed millions of years ago. All that would be left is tires. :P Although you're correct in saying that certain isotopes would still be decaying. HOWEVER, the longer a half life a radioactive isotope has, the less dangerous it is to life because, by definition, it's only decaying very slowly and barely producing any particles that would tear up cells. Technically, EVERY element is "radioactive" in that it will eventually decay, just some are so ridiculously stable it's a non-factor. For example, hydrogen is the most stable element but it's decaying. It's just that the universe will be gone by the time it reaches its first half-life. :P Also, Pangaea be reforming.

Uh, nukes wouldn't cause lava. :P Not a very good place to have a base, if you ask me, since supposedly the world hasn't been touched since Seyia used it.
3/23/2014 c64 Piccolo Sky
About time "Heaven" decided to step in... Of course, if I was Ben, I'd slap King Atem after this was over after what happened all those chapters ago.

BEN: "...NEXT TIME Sephiroth, Genesis, Kira, and the rest of the 'Legion of Doom' try to attack this planet at once...OPEN WITH THAT!"

Zannacross taunting the "celestial ones" for stepping in? Oh, coming from a guy who's been summoning demons ever since day one from his own realm and STILL losing repeatedly really hurts my feelings. :P

It's a good thing this isn't the video game Silver Surfer. X_X

Well, I wouldn't say they killed many "high ranking" members... Er...they killed people who were HIGHER ranked, but they still haven't knocked anyone off the "top tier". More like mopped up the lesser ones. Genesis WOULD have been higher until Sephiroth showed up and kind of made him a second-string quarterback.

Kefka actually voiced my thoughts on this one. Heh...Sigma was the one accusing the heroes of lying to themselves...says the guy who's side can look worse than the Black Knight against King Arthur and still accuse the heroes of being pathetic compared to them... (Shakes head) If you guys are going to taunt the heroes so much, at least have taunts that are partially grounded in reality.

Wait a minute...Earth? That was OUR planet! (Throws self on the ground) YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!


...Ok, I'm done.
3/23/2014 c63 Piccolo Sky
You KNOW you're bad when you make Ravxen look chivalrous. No matter what happens with Lacus, I guess this means she's indebted to Organization XIII for powering her up.

I'm a little surprised they're still having trouble with Digimon, of all things. I thought they had peaked with the "elite" ones way back in Volume One and Two. I know for a while they couldn't go anywhere without having to fight a Digimon, but there haven't been any in a while so I assumed that was "all they had".

Again, I kind of skimmed over the Gundamn stuff because...well, you know. I won't edit those out...just point out that they're kind of a "side story" to the main plot since Ben and company and all of their main villains never fight Gundams. It's almost like an "ultimate Gundam crossover" within the "ultimate crossover".

Technically, everyone's been stronger than Vile for a while. He's nothing without his rider armors. Although I'm glad he's gone (possibly)...I have to admit it was kind of a let down. He's been around since chapter five and then within the span of about six sentences Zero just sliced him up and blew him up. It showed how pathetic of a villain he was at this point, also made his trash talk rather annoying as he kept talking like Ben was nothing and it was impossible to win when Ben wasn't even trying hard to negate all of his attacks.

Why does Zannacross need to create a new universe? I'd say the villains are already living in their own little universe. :D

(Imagines Vile's severed head duct taped to a skateboard and the heroes standing without a mark on them.)

VILE: Ha! Look at how pathetic you all are! How utterly helpless and hopeless you are compared to me! I have a god-like powers and you're all nothing but ants before me! You're all on the brink of death while I'm invincible!

X: ...Is it even worth it at this point?

ZERO: (Shrugs) Eh. (Stomps on Vile's head)

"You're truly one whose power defies all logic!" ...I think that's the closest the villains have come to acknowledging the power of the protagonists in this entire story.

Oh DC and Marvel's finest are here. Well...time to see how they stack up.
3/23/2014 c62 Piccolo Sky
Did Ben learn "instantaneous teleportation" or something? How else could he pull off the "Goku vs. Cell Kamehameha" move?

So, after that finish, I can only say: "ADRIAAAAAAN! ADRIAAAAAAN!" ...I couldn't help myself. Ok, technically that ending was more like "Rocky II", but still.
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