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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

10/6/2009 c18 83Super Saiyan Crash
Another great chapter from you. By the way, the next chapter of my story is up now. Are you OK?
9/30/2009 c17 2Keyblader Chad
well this was a great two chapters, sorry about not reviewing the previous one...i'd say some excuse like i was busy with life but of course the real reason is gaming.

well interesting two chapters, nice way on combining the new FF4 game with Chain of Memories...i wasn't even aware there was a sequel to FF4 until the previous chapter...whereby i then used the FF wiki to read up on it.

nice twist on how you've done chain of memories too...having it be able to use events from the past of the entire universe, not just those entering, keeps this arc fresh and original.

and no one will blame you for hating number 2 of the DMC series, everyone agrees it's bad...and pretty much no one sees it as part of the continuity.

as for the power rangers bit and your note...i really would love to deny watching it. but no, like you said lots of people as a kid watched it...and sadly i can still remember lots of the plot, it's burned into my head permanantly.

well anyway, good chapter looking forward to the rest of this arc and seeing what else you do with the chain of memories arc...oh and also interested as to how you'll be doing Xion in this story.

Well keep up the good work.
9/29/2009 c17 sithsrequiem
Another good chapter, I did highly enjoy both Dante vs Vergil and the Power Ranger throwback. That was some serious nostalgia right there, especially since as a kid, I fucking loved that show to death. I think every kid growing up had a crush on Kimberly LOL!

So, it's Ben vs Axel rematch, then Doug & James vs Xigbar? Looks like this will be a pretty sweet set of matches, can't wait!

Keep up the good work dude!
9/29/2009 c17 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
sigh this was one crazy trip my friend oh well good job cant wait for the next
9/29/2009 c17 83Super Saiyan Crash
Another sweet chapter there. So how many are left now? Your trilogy is getting good.
9/24/2009 c16 Super Saiyan Crash
Sorry for the wait. Being busy with college and all. Anyway, I ready all your chapters. Great job.
9/20/2009 c16 Doug
Wow dude...simply wow. I couldn't have done a better job making my own character return! =P I thought this chapter was great, Doug's return was definitely a good way to help lift Ben's (as well as that of the others) spirits after the drastic attack led by Damonus. I laughed so hard seeing him bust Ezan's balls, that was such a me moment =) I must admit that I am surprised to see that Doug was able to catch Ezan off guard the way he did. Rita is 3

Ezan's comments about Doug were a definite surprise too. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see the extent of how much Doug has improved, and I'm definitely excited to learn about Gouken's training.

You captured the emotions of the other characters well...and the setting for Castle Oblivion was set up really well too! I gotta say that I'm getting more and more excited for the next chapter!

But, the thing I'm the most happy about is that Squad 7 is finally reunited =)

A+ material, easily.

Keep up the good work, bro!
9/13/2009 c15 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
this is going to get worse before it gets better but good chap
9/12/2009 c16 2Keyblader Chad
sorry about the wait in reviewing, but these were both great chapters...going to more review this latest chapter though as it was the true part.

Well...i actually did enjoy the twist, it surprised me i admit but i did enjoy it. again this chapter seems to hint to the possibility that Brad is able to control the seal on the blue eyes white dragon or has his own seal on it.

i believe i mentioned in a previous review that i had the suspicion brad was constantly making sure to keep lacus obeying him. this chapter definitely cemented that suspicion.

as much as i was hoping from brad's imprisonment onwards, it would be...relatively smooth sailing for Ben and Lacus, this is also a good idea.

this is clearly the worse unleashing of the dragon lacus has had to deal with yet and putting her best friend's mother into a coma probably was the final breaking point for her, of course that would make her relapse into thinking brad's the only one who can understand her problem and help her.

and in some ways it's true, they can't possibly understand her situation.

i kind've hope brad's power does keep raising stronger and stronger though, it would be truly ironic if he suffers the same problem Broly experience...overload of power that could destroy you if you don't expel it.

Be ironically brilliant for the one thing Brad boasts about to be his downfall.

well keep up the good work, looking forward to more chapters and seeing how this recent development effects upcoming missions and Ben's fighting skill if he's too distracted.

until next time.
9/12/2009 c16 8Captain A

After all this, after Lacus had finally seen Brad for what he really was, after she'd finally broken up with him and Brad was finally being punished for his bad behavior, THIS happens!

Sorry, Necron. Nothing against you personally, but I'm taking a hiatus from this series until things get better for Ben.

By this, I mean when one of the following happens:

1) Ben's Mom wakes up from her coma.

2) Lacus finally overcomes her guilt and self-loathing for good.

3) Lacus breaks up with Brad for good.

4) Brad gets his butt kicked by Ben.

5) The Blue Eyes White Dragon gets remove from Lacus's body for good-and then gets taken down for good.

6) Ben and Lacus finally become boyfriend and girlfriend.

(If you could let me know how many chapters until each of these things happens, it would certainly help.)

So no offense, Necron, but I can't stay a reader of this fic as long as you persist with the injustices of Brad being Lacus's boyfriend and Lacus not realizing that Ben is the one she really should be in love with. Hope you understand.

(I'll look over the chapters after this one once things get better Ben/Lacus wise).
9/12/2009 c16 sithsrequiem
Wow dude...this chapter was really good. I was laughing so hard at the thought of Brad doing a cannonball and a lariat! Looks like even that loser can do something useful for a change.

As much as I hate to see and say was a good story twist to see Lacus relapse. It goes to show that everything doesn't always go well for the protagonist. It will be VERY interesting to see how things go! Definitely a good move on your behalf.

Doug's returning next chapter? Fucking awesome, can't wait to see how he's improved.

Keep it up man!
9/3/2009 c14 Doug
Hey man, great chapter as always! I'd bust your balls about Kefka, but I've done that enough in real life and on AIM, so I won't leave my response about it here. *coughWORLDOFRUINcough*

So, looks like Brad saved the a sense. Man, I have a bad feeling about potential repercussions. I guess I'll just have to wait and see ^_^

Keep up the good work bro. See you this Sunday!
9/3/2009 c14 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
and so the plot thikins nice though a little to many twists at once getting a bit dizzy here
9/3/2009 c13 2Keyblader Chad
well sorry again for the wait in review, i've been pre-occupied with work, working on game master chapter and ideas and the season 3 trailer and trying to beat Duke's third form on Tales of Vesperia.

finally found some time to review though. so onto the review, great chapter as always, surprised at how it's went straight from this long fight to now damonus and the dissidia villains for the next chapter.

but then as the title clearly's a war, so it makes it's about time villains took advantage of opportunities to win.

interested as to how Brad's escape will affect this battle and the rest of the story, clearly it's already had some effects as i find it suspicious that lacus dragon acts up at the same time as Brad's escape.

next chapters should be interesting with these fights and to see what will happen now and if Lacus celestial beast coming across the Zannacross empire, the ones who transformed it lead to any problems.

keep up the good work, until next time.
9/1/2009 c13 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
nice ultimate battle body means squat they never learn thats what he gets for breaking the three rules of robotics thats one more biting the dust good job looking forward to the next oen
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