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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

8/30/2009 c13 Doug
Hey man, good chapter as always. I got a kick out of how Brad broke out, and by a kick, I mean I laughed at how dumb he sounded. Figures Tidus is the one to mess things up.

Damonus himself is on the scene? Oh my... By the way, Kefka didn't nearly cause Armageddon...he DID raze the world! =P

Keep up the good work man!
8/26/2009 c13 8Captain A
Well, on the plus side, the ever treacherous Dr. Wily is finally kaput, and with his death Mr. Raystar is now the only living/remaining member of the Subcommittee. I just hope nothing happens to him. But on the negative side, while in Volumes One and Two you would have given Ben and the others a couple of breather chapters before having them get into another serious brawl, you have Darth Demonous show up just as it seems that the Dr. Wily/Robots arc is coming to an end. (And personally I was expecting Demonous to get into the action again two or more arcs later.) Not to mention Brad has escaped in the midst of all this chaos (and seems to now have utterly gone off the deep end), and the disturbing revelation that Sigma and Vile may not be eliminated like everyone thinks they are...

So two quick questions:

1) When are Sigma and Vile going to appear again?

2) When they DO show up again, can you promise that they'll finally be eliminated for good?

In the meantime, though, keep up the good work, and hope you update again soon!
8/24/2009 c12 2Keyblader Chad
sorry about wait in reviewing, been busy and tired to properly take the chapter in so waited until now to read it again and review.

well as always another great chapter, sure good to see that Wily failed again at his plans and couldn't take Zero and Axl.

heh and once again he resorts to bowing and begging for mercy...that scene of megaman pointing it out in mega man 9 still annoys me. it didn't show us that Wily never showed us that mega man keeps on being an idiot.

looking forward to the next chapter with Sigma and Vile returning to cause more trouble.

should be good to see what Sigma's new strong powers will be like thanks to getting strong like Ganondorf did.

well keep up the good work.
8/21/2009 c12 12Blue The Hedgehog
After all that now there have to face Sigma and Vile man can't the heroes ever get a break and Wily never seem to learn does he after all his speechs about learn from his mistaken he still goes for the "I sorry I have learn my lesson I can see I lose don't kill me" thing well looks like he get his long await justice now great work on this chapter
8/16/2009 c12 Doug
Hey man, sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. Work's been kicking my ass and stuff. I've read them all up to now, been good like usual. Definitely can't wait to see the Sigma fight!

Keep up the good work.
8/16/2009 c12 Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman
nic dude real nice great way to end the arc
8/14/2009 c11 Blue The Hedgehog
Well I enjoyed your version of the events a lot better then capcom seem to think of I to think that it a bit stupid that Wily would make Zero and never use him and X made for no reason also I am still supirse Zero "killed" wily for a few second I didn't think he would but in the end Zero showed he lets no one kick him around good or evil great work and looking forward to the next one
8/12/2009 c11 2Keyblader Chad
well this was a great chapter, nice to see your adaption of the incident with Zero's awakening and the end of the classic era.

Nice surprise with the evil energy Wily using actually being power of Zannacross, one of those things you should see coming yet you don't...i love the obvious plot obvious that you completely miss them because it's the last thing you'd expect it to be.

Next Chapter sure is going to be interesting...wonder what Bass fate will be and how the heroes are going to deal with Wily's plans come to fruition.

i must say i'm mostly looking forward to the idea of Dr. wily, flipping about doing kung fu moves...come on it's an old man going martial artist style...that's bad ass and hilarious.

Well keep up the good work.
8/12/2009 c11 8Captain A
Two quick questions:

1) Are we going to be hearing from Gerznar again? ('Cause I shudder to think of what's going to happen to the poor unsuspecting planet he's going to vent his wrath upon, and of course there's the fact that the Organization is going to be gunning for him as part of their evil schemes.)

2) When you DO include Soundwave and those other Decepticons, you'll make sure to let us all know ahead of time, right?

Keep up the good work, and hope you update again soon!
8/6/2009 c10 12Blue The Hedgehog
Ah man I have to agree with Lacus a nice supirse to see Megaman and Protoman man I miss them to from the orignal series must get PSN credits to buy Megaman 9 soon also nice to see at frist there couldn't handly Bass would of been odd if there could hit him which he was upgraded hehe when Lacus said "flower funnels" I could help but think of rose bits from G Gundam anyway nice work and will be interesting to hear your version of events during the year of 20XX and 21XX
8/2/2009 c10 2Keyblader Chad
well this was another interesting chapter, nice surprise to see Megaman and Protoman return, at first i was assuming wily repaired and upgraded them just so he could then send zero after them after his plan now.

Since that's the sort of thing evil scientists with an ego like him do but looks like Dr. Light is responsible.

well keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing your version of the gap between classic and x series
7/30/2009 c9 12Blue The Hedgehog
Well that was a good chapter man there really pissed Lacus off when there spied on her that's low really low nice to see Lacus trust Ben ehought to not sneak a look when she was undressed

the next chapter perview has got me intersed so I am looking forward to that keep up the good work
7/28/2009 c9 2Keyblader Chad
that scene was perverted and you know it. no i'm kidding it definitely does show she's got a lot of faith in Ben...clearly if she was evil enough to then tease him about it and try and see if he'll turn around.

well this was yet another great chapter, amusing as always with some scenes and was even further proof of recent events and no brad having a huge effect on lacus with her jumping in to help Ben and saying she won't let him be treated unfairly again, that was great.

the next chapter sounds really interesting, the title and the small preview for it, can't wait to find out what it all means.

as for Garland...yeah due to back then gaming not having lots of storyline expanded upon in it, he wasn't really someone that interested me.

but yeah Dissidia sure did make him kickass with his moves and even expanded his origins too to make him even more powerful and of course as you also said...being voiced by christopher sabat who appears to be using his piccolo voice for garland adds to the coolness.

Well keep up the good work, looking forward to the next chapter,
7/27/2009 c9 2mangagor
... THAT WAS EPIC! you really outdid yourself on this 1... loved the goku reference all in all this may be the best chapter of all your chapters so far...
7/22/2009 c8 12Blue The Hedgehog
Well a other good chapter I liked the idea of Axel becoming Omrga it was interesting to see and un expected or for me anyway also nice to see Dr Wily become serious I always did think of Wily that way but never go to see it has the games didn't have a lot of lets say dimension anyway I know you said you planned for ben to get his final part of the star sword now but it makes me wonder if you planned that becasue you also planned for the wrost case thing to happen and going agaisnt Garland that's going to be fun till next time
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