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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

7/21/2009 c8 2Keyblader Chad
more great work as usual, always glad to see Wily as a decent villain that plans ahead a lot and manages to not get too overconfident.

curious as to what Wily's plan for Bass is in all this though, that should be interesting.

nice surprise cameo from Bender, was great fun to see, also great to see Ben manage to stop Grezar from making Lacus lose herself again.

Grezar really reminds me of crossel from Star Ocean 3 with his attitude towards humans in that he despises them and their attitudes but like Crossel respects power.

Looking forward to the next chapter with the normal stuff but also Ben getting his final star sword piece, i presume that his rematch will be against his previous trial opponents.

as for the fight against Garland, that's definitely an interesting surprise and should be great to see just how powerful he is.

Though i doubt Ben can take him seriously if he delivers his famous "knock you all down" line,

Well anyway keep up the great work.
7/19/2009 c8 8Captain A
So Albert Yuriev was in fact Doctor Wily all this time? Didn't see THIS coming until you revealed it at the end of Chapter 6. Until that revelation, I thought that "Albert" was either a character from the "Mega Man X" series, or someone you invented especially for this fanfic trilogy.

And I also like how you explained how Wily could last this long without passing away, and how managed to make him much stronger than he ever was in the actual video games. (The canonical Dr. Wily strikes me as, like Dr. Eggman, someone who is very frail phsycially, and wouldn't either be much of a threat or last long against the good guys without one of his battle suits or robots backing him up.) It's additionally interesting that managed to make Wily into a much more serious villain-in the original games, he's personally struck me as a much more campy villain of the Saturday Morning Cartoon brand.

Keep up the good work, and hope you update again soon!
7/18/2009 c7 2Keyblader Chad
well this was a very enjoyable chapter, enjoyed it a lot, was great and i'm very surprised at the Axl becoming Omega twist.

i don't think anyone else has done something like was well thought of too and you've put it in this story greatly.

moving on, yeah Capcom are absolutely crap at trying to fix the canoncity and timeline of their series and although Megaman 9's gameplay is great, i too was annoyed at the loss of sliding, charge shot, no detailed plot, NO ZERO and no Bass except for a small picture of him on a computer screen in the ending.

Capcom have said they got several plans for megaman's 25th anniversary that we're getting closer too but i doubt they'll finally start expanding the plot for us anymore.

Wasn't aware that Capcom have said that Zero never got released though...that's pissed me off heavily as for years, all fans have said that Zero was released and massacred the original series since unlike X, he didn't get put through years of testing.

As for the maverick hunter thing, i think that's because they were going to remakthe x games all the way up to 6 and that be the new canon but since there wasn't enough sales, they stopped it.

but of course as you said, that messes up the canon even more.

Well that's my rant over as well lol, anyway keep up the good work, looking forward to more chapters.
7/17/2009 c7 sithsrequiem
A pretty interesting chapter, I must say.

Yeah, Inafune is retconning a lot of shit! The flashbacks in X4 totally show that Zero was released! I must disagree though, DMC is epic, go through 1 - 3, you'll see more of Dante and how much of a hardcore badass he really is.

Anyhow, keep up the good work bro!
7/11/2009 c7 2mangagor
fantastic job as usual:P very many references in this chapter however almost thought that you would throw in "all ur base r belong to us" worth my time
7/7/2009 c6 12Blue The Hedgehog
sorry about not review all chapters lately I have ended up having to read them in blocks of two with the way things have been going lately anyway

chapter 5 was great made me laught a lot of the ime and bad luck for ben almost thouching Lacus even if he didn't mean two

Chapter 6 nice to see Bass back in action and oh damn more powerful are you insane you DOOM US ALL DOM...ahem alright it was a good idea anyway keep up the good work
7/6/2009 c6 2Keyblader Chad
well yet another great chapter, more hilarity between ben and lacus was nice to see and typical that Brad just still isn't using common sense.

looking forward to how your version of the unexplained things of the gaps in the megaman franchise will be told and to see how powerful Bass is...hmm giving him battle network powers, reminds me of how he'll be getting them in my story too when he copies what his creator did to the EXE Dr. Wily.

ah Dr. Wily, it's been heavily hinted and obvious that albert was Dr. Wily but it's great to have it confirmed now, afterall all he never gives up.

well knowing how intelligent Wily is, his evil plan is sure to be good. long as it's not him going back to his usual plots again lol. don't think ben would be amused at fighting off 8 robots in different locations then having to go through a fortress of traps only for wily to escape.

Well keep up the good work.
7/5/2009 c5 sithsrequiem
Hey man, another fun chapter. I wouldn't worry too much about the action packed-ness, it's always good to lighten up the mood some. Too much of something can be a bad thing, y'know?

Anyhow, I got a kick out of this little arc. The Megaman Arc is bound to be fun, and I'm looking forward to Doug's return to battle, whenever you have him coming back.

Keep it up bro!
6/28/2009 c5 Keyblader Chad
well that was a brilliant chapter, nice way to start volume 3 with the relaxing and funny banjo arc.

Main thing i enjoyed all about it was the Ben and Lacus really is amazing that the lack of Brad's attitude really is a big help to them.

also quite enjoyed you mentioning again how Cartoon Network really has gone down hill and having that lord of games responsible.

i myself love getting my characters to reference actual views of mine too, so seeing others do it is just as great.

moving on i am really looking forward to this next arc due to being a long-time megaman series fan.

Really looking forward to Bass appearance and the revealment of who Albert really is. i'm also presuming your going to be doing some talk on how Bass and Albert are still around and what happened a century or more ago with X's older brother, the original megaman.

well keep up the great work as always
6/23/2009 c4 12Blue The Hedgehog
Nice Chapter yeah sorry late review so I say something about both chapters

in 3 it was a amazing clash I did really enjoy reading it was sad at the end like with what happen to the frist wield of the star sword after sealing the lord of darkness

in 4 well it was nice to see Team Plumment had nothing going for them there really didn't have any chance at all and with our Brad around nothing to get in the way of Ben and Lacus

nice to see next chatper will be a Banjo-Kazooie one I really enjoyed them games and I only had the second one but did play the frist one from a friend and way keep up the good work
6/21/2009 c4 2Keyblader Chad
Great chapter, haven't played any of the banjo-kazzoie series except the first one and it's been so long since i played that but i do remember it being a great game.

Chances are this arc's going to make me want to take a trip back down old memory lane with that but moving on.

nice humor with ben taking down "team plummet" they stood no chance and definitely good fun with the scenes between him and Lacus.

amazing what a lack of Brad's presence does to a relationship.

well keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to seeing how this arc pans out and how gruntilda will attempt to deal with ben, lacus and hiryuumon.
6/21/2009 c4 Doug too lazy to log in
A much needed lighthearted and easygoing chapter, can't help but to think that the mission is also going to be rather light. But, given what went down in the end of Volume 2, it's good to have this change of pace.

Looking forward to more, keep up the good work!
6/15/2009 c3 Keyblader Chad
well that was a great two flashback chapters showing that final battle and it does indeed raise questions and ideas.

it seems quite likely that you are going by Soul Calibur style and that Siegfried is the inquisitor nightmare in the present time. i was expecting him to become it at the end of this but clearly not yet. though i have the feeling the ring he picked up was that ring zannacross was wearing.

moving on, i'm also assuming that Lacus is Serenity's descendant due to the oathkeeper sword and the angelic wings, but i'll wait to find out for sure on both these point ruining the surprise.

but yep all in all...great chapter, great fight which i noticed had bits similar to Gohan Vs Cell...namely Seyia's attitude, the super saiyan 2 hairstyle and his beam deadlock with Zannacross was like their one...Marcus taking on the role of vegeta in providing a brief but vital distraction.

well keep up the great work, the banjo-kazooie arc should be fun and interesting though hopefully ben and co can get some R&R.

i'm trying to get my next chapter out soon, so hopefully sometime this week you'll see an update. well see ya until next time.
6/14/2009 c3 sithsrequiem
Not bad at all man, it was definitely a fun ride, seeing how Zannacross was banished and all that jazz. It's always good to flesh out stuff like that.

Well, not much else I can really think of to say other than good job. Keep it up!
6/13/2009 c3 2mangagor
well... definitely worth my time XD haven't finished the chapter yet but i put a deadline that i know i will clearXD you also mafe me want to see more of marcus as he was awesome in this little chapter so... as you say till next time
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