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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

6/10/2009 c2 1Keyblader Chad
sorry about the wait in reading and reviewing, i was busy with reality and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

then i had to calm myself down from laughing (i'm pretty sure you can guess what my laughing was about)

anyway moving onto the begining of this volume...nice prologue recap of the previous two volumes, that always helps.

This chapter was quite interesting, it's great to see that original climatic fight and how strong the predecessor to Ben was.

also surprised at the addition of Marcus fenix and those other characters but it does help show that the normal humans did fight too no matter how out-matched they were.

i like the mention of majiin buu and dabura too...i remember how you mentioned that the events of dragonball Z happened far into the past.

i suppose this is when DBZ was going on, this whole war too...or DBZ didn't happen but certain characters did exist like majiin buu as alternate versions.

Either way nice additions, great character development as usual and it's been nice to see the original heroes and this battle.

anyway keep up the good work, it's a great start to volume 3.
6/9/2009 c2 8Captain A
And so now we go into Volume Three. Yeah, baby!

So Cosmos hasn't tried to stop Zanacross herself because it would damage the space/time continuum? And Cosmos actually believes that the human race will eventually "perfect" itself and be able to create a physical "paradise" across the galaxy? Well, no offense Necron, but as a Christian I believe in a God who can intervene in the fate of human affairs as His will decrees and not damage the fabric of the universe whatsoever. I also believe that, although the human race HAS gotten better in a number of respects, we will never be able to rid ourselves of the old problems of greed and violence and hatred and suchlike, and therefore will never be able to acheive paradise by our own efforts. Instead, one day in the yet-to-be-dated future the majority of the human race will become so constantly, greatly, and unrepently evil that God will have to intevene, destroy the evil men through divine judgement, save the few remaining good ones who still worship Him, and re-create the universe into an actual paradise Himself. (Part of his plan for the human race as recorded in the book of Revelation!) So no offense, but the reasons you've given for the lack of intervention on the part of Cosmos just doesn't gel with what I've been taught to believe about a just yet loving god. (Hopefully the Supreme Being-whenever he shows up-will be closer to this concept.)

On another topic, I can't help but notice that Zannacross doesn't have much in the way of patience, manners, flexibility towards change, trust in his minons, tolerance for failure, controlling his temper, or fondness for his servants. This seems rather unfair and irrational to me, especially since Necron needs his servants to free him from his imprisonment-otherwise, he'd otherwise still remain trapped in their even in Volume Three. And sure, the Sithanos villains have failed against the main characer and most of the Enji, but they've still done a good job overall of finding the keystones to Necron's cell and collecting/killing various sentient beings as sacrifices for him, so evenually they would have achieved his release even without their losses to the Enji or the revival of all of these Finaly Fantasy villains at the end of Volume Two. So I think Necron should cut his minions at least a LITTLE more slack since he needs them if he's ever going to be free again.

Two quick questions:

1) If the previous candidates for the seventh demon lord-Majin Buu and Dabura-are both out of the picture all the way back in the past, who's the seventh demon lord in the present day (the one that Ben will have to end up facing at somem point in Volume Three)?

2) Do you think you'll be able in the future to write a longer and more detailed prequel about the first war against Zanacross and the adventures of Kamina, Serenity, Siegfried, and Seyia trying to stop him?

Finally, I can't help but feel that Volume Three will be the longest and most elaborate/complicated instalment of the the series, since Ben and the Enji have to eliminated all these villains by the time of the final battle with Necron, and of course we have to find out about Lacus's past before she Ben finally become a couple. It'll probably be a exciting ride nonetheless.

In the meantime, keep up the good work, and hope you update again soon!
6/9/2009 c2 12Blue The Hedgehog
This is a great start to the next vol I liked this chapter heh even if it's the start to me it had a final battle feel but still I know you can do better then this for when the true final battles happen great work also liked how you did have it start with Marcus beening a witness to all this keep up the great work
6/7/2009 c2 2mangagor
DAMN YOU ARE FAST! 2 chapters that are so long in one week... i bow before you senpai. but you managed also to fuse quantity along with quality... i hugely enjoyed this and can't wait for next chapter!
6/7/2009 c1 mangagor
welcome backO_O gonna enjoy next chapter... not saying much until next review
6/7/2009 c2 sithsrequiem
Good start dude, I'm glad to see that you threw in my contributed demon lord (Zandoris) :)

It's an interesting way to start this volume, as I (and I'm sure the others who read this) have been very curious regarding the other demon lords, as well as how the Emperor got sealed away. Hopefully in the next chapter, we'll get to see more and ultimately, how he was sealed.

Keep up the good work bro!
6/6/2009 c1 82Super Saiyan Crash
Good start. So the anime characters making an appearance this time huh? Good luck on this one.
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