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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

3/23/2014 c61 37Piccolo Sky
Uh...way to mangle Judeo-Christianity there, Darth. :P But I suppose if you think it's just a "myth" you don't really care how much it gets scrambled...

I skipped over a lot of the stuff with Lacus and Brad though. After so many gets tiresome to see the same thing play out.

Maybe one more chapter...
3/23/2014 c60 Piccolo Sky
Nice to see his flunkies finally get stomped.

Well, Brad finally said something I agreed with when he said words mean nothing...including his own. Of course, that certainly doesn't stop him from trying.

"Don't see this as a defeat; it's a victory."...even though it's really a defeat. :P But hey! All of the bad guys are delusional. Why not you?
3/23/2014 c59 Piccolo Sky
Saix just teleported much for "ensuring no more outside influences could reach the planet". :P
3/23/2014 c58 Piccolo Sky
Sigh on the beginning of this chapter... More guys to drag this thing out unnecessarily longer... This removes any doubt that Kira even got shaken up by the last fight if he thinks he'll just activate weaker opponents to take care of Ben.

Wow, even Bowser and Robotnik got on Ben's side for this one.

As for all the other Enji watching the fight, including Myers, Ezan, Cloud, etc.: "Don't just do something! STAND THERE!" :P

Gosh dang, Lacus...what the heck are you babbling about? Blaming yourself for Ben's past now?

Well...this was a little satisfying...but not that much. The only fitting end for Brad is to have his pride destroyed, and that hasn't happened yet.
3/23/2014 c56 Piccolo Sky
Er...hope Doug can heal broken bones in an hour. X_X

I don't really have much to say for this chapter. Just trying to speed read until 180...
3/23/2014 c55 Piccolo Sky
I always felt one of the underplayed possibilities in this story was Kirby copying everyone's powers. But it seems you didn't miss the fact he's kind of like a "chibi Buu", not the deranged essence of evil one. :P

A bit of a typo in earlier chapters. It indicated that there would be 16 finalists instead of 8.

Hmm...Akuma b**ch-slapping Brad a nod to his first appearance in the Street Fighters series? :D
3/22/2014 c54 Piccolo Sky
That "Max Termination 5" movie preview is almost worthy of being in the original Robocop. :P I always kind of liked the announcer from Dragonball...especially since he was one of the few people on Earth who realized Goku and company were the ones who actually killed Cell.

Couldn't resist having Peter Griffen vs. Homer Simpson, eh? That'd make a good Death Battle...

Also, I suppose it wouldn't be a massive crossover if it didn't have Mario vs. Sonic.

I personally would have gone for more of a "Mr. Satan vs. Cell" for Dan vs. Doug (if you can even call it that...), but this works too.
3/22/2014 c53 Piccolo Sky
Not too many comments for this chapter, other than I guess no one can sense energy or a lot of "secretive" behavior would have failed utterly in this chapter. :P

At any rate, I noted the DBZ reference with Doug.
3/22/2014 c52 Piccolo Sky
Half his beard? That's right. I hope Yamamoto shaved after that...

...Clearly, Myers never saw "Superman II". :P They're just making excuses at this point. I'm just grimacing because now we've got imposters, which means the "real" Brad and Lacus might not even show up to the tournament and everyone will waste their time on "brand Xs".

Ben's training again already? I thought his body was still in pieces...
3/22/2014 c51 Piccolo Sky
Well, overall it was pretty good, banter aside. Although I'm not sure why you say at the beginning of the next chapter that the villains had their "pride" destroyed. Even now Kira still thinks he can kill Ben with a single gesture and the other two are thinking they just got sloppy.

...You bad guys get sloppy a LOT. :P

It actually kind of has me confused on the "Breakdown" of Ben's powers. Kaioken should work at any level, but I noticed he always does Bankai first. Is a single one stronger than Bankai?
3/22/2014 c50 Piccolo Sky
Cervantes working for Nightmare? Huh... Shouldn't...they both have the same sword? At any rate, these guys were the biggest windbags of this arc so far. :P I think you told this to me before, but...Necrocalcous are essentially Heartless, right? In the fact that killing one just "throws it back in circulation"?

So...this "Nightmare" was the Siegfried version after all as opposed to the "disembodied" Nightmare. Yeah...I still remember asking you about that WAAAAY back in Volume One. :)

Oh, and since I didn't mention this last time...good call on making Mateus physically weak. Part of the reason I never swallow him as a real villain is how simple it is to kill him in the first battle with him. Also a good call in making him summon peons. That's pretty much the only thing he had going for him in his first battle...

Heh, Ubertroll the Superpope seemed to have more hot air than fighting ability. It was decided the second Ben and company arrived.

A continent-sized net? ...That' a big net.

Welp...let's see how this finishes off.
3/22/2014 c49 Piccolo Sky
Heh, I stand corrected. Seems Mateus is the "boot licker" out of the old FF villains. (Just as an aside, the Japanese novelization of FFII had Mateus KILL Satan and then take his place. Maybe if someone shows that to Zannacross he'll get mad and squish Mateus flat. :P)

Tsk, tsk, made the mistake of hurting Ezan's "crush". BTW, although I hate "God of War", nice use of a quote from it.
3/22/2014 c48 Piccolo Sky
Ben's kind of a hypocrite for making fun of them for having no plan. HIS plan ended up being "just attack them and kill them".

Actually, Doug...the warm ups aren't over at all. Ben hasn't even used a Kaioken yet, which makes this still on the same level as Goku vs. Ginyu.

To be honest I'm surprised the planet isn't blowing up...but, I suppose it's not over yet. Just if the likes of wimpy Nightmare is enough to destroy the planet through collateral damage, then I figure everything would be enough to annihilate it in seconds.
3/22/2014 c47 Piccolo Sky
Funny how even Mateus thought Ubertroll the Superpope's transformation was disturbing. :D Coming from the guy who turns his head into a cuttlefish. :P

Yeah, definitely too many people in one spot...although maybe not. After all, you'd think that will of those heroes in one spot, at least one of them would keep guys from suckerpunching Ben while his back was turned. :P

These arcs are getting longer...mostly because there's more and more and more banter, and still always repeating everything from every other fight. Even if in "chapter number" these arcs are getting smaller, each individual chapter is getting longer. I'm not sure what you're talking about in the notes... They had WAY too much trouble with a weak villain. And seeing as this is relatively unimportant to the rest of the story, this entire arc feels like it's degenerating into padding especially since it just got "extended" for no other reason than "the room was crowded".
3/22/2014 c46 Piccolo Sky
These bad guys ARE wimps. It's been a while since Hiruumon could take something out just settling for Wyrmmon, not even bothering with Geno.

HOPE: ...You destroyed a whole planet and everyone on it?
BEN: Yeah, but only because I lost my temper.
HOPE: Ah...ok.


Frankly, I would have just punched the guy in the throat at the onset and been done with it. But I suppose he's got to match the quote from "Arc the Lad II": "You're a typical third-rate villain who will die after confessing his crimes." :P
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