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for Tales of The Cosmic Wars Vol Three: Light of Hope

3/20/2014 c30 37Piccolo Sky
Well, side planets out the way...time to move on to the big cheese.

I'm a bit confused about the guy who popped in just for Ben to slap aside...oh well. Oh, it was a Clone Wars thing? Meh.

Lacus needs to die. :D
3/20/2014 c29 Piccolo Sky
I couldn't help but imagine the computer saying: "Thank you for pushing the Emergency Kill Switch." ALA Spaceballs. :D Well, the dude's lucky. I would have pulled a "Hancock" and just chopped off his hand and used that to activate the console.

Things are moving forward a bit, but I guess two of the worlds aren't "finishing up" so Ben's group has a chance to complete and move on to the next world.
3/20/2014 c28 Piccolo Sky would think the bad guys would be a bit more concerned about Zabi using the Halos...or, you know, trying to use them for themselves...and would get in on the action. But I guess it's "movie night" or something so they'll just head to bed early and check the news in the morning to see how it went.

Uh, if I was Myers, I'd tell Lacus to shut up about "keeping Brad in line". She does what HE tells her to do, not the other way around. Of course, she was probably lying.

Anyhoo, a new arc begins!
...Wouldn't removing all traces of the Zero virus from Zero kill him? That's who he is, isn't it?

You know, Hitler tried to whip up crowds with a lot of speeches too, but it didn't change the fact everyone knew they could "vanish" if they stepped out of line. Of course, he managed to hold onto his power too, but meh.
3/20/2014 c27 Piccolo Sky
Oh, shut up, Xemnas. "Annoyances" don't make you bleed. I don't watch much South Park...but I'm surprised every villain doesn't stop every five minutes to enjoy the smell of their own farts, as delusionally smug as they are. And AGAIN nobody offs a failing henchmen!

Why would Ben be scared at the thought of Kira? He got thrashed back in Volume Two before Ben learned all his new stuff. Speaking of which...I wonder how ol' Xehamaru stacks up against these guys now. Would he still give him trouble or would it be like Perfect Cell vs. Mr. Satan?

Uh, unless Seyia was as strong as he was purely by virtue of his DNA and not practice, skill, training, character, etc...being a clone should do nothing for his strength.

Love stinks! (Guitar riff) Yeah! Yeah! Also...yay for 'bros before hos'!

Ironically, Idious is right. Lacus can only be Ben's once he's killed Brad. So...the bad guys hit the nail on the head of that one.

Democracy means no one gets what they want... Yeah, better to have a monarchy where only one guy gets what they want. :P

Man...I'm surprised Zabi's own men haven't killed him at this point. If this was "Animal House", he'd definitely be Neidermeyer.
3/20/2014 c26 Piccolo Sky
Bit of a typo. You called Xemnas "Ansem" at one point.

"Your power is still useless compared to the master of the universe." ...IIIII HAVE THE POOOOOWEEEEER! ...I couldn't resist. I think everyone should say that every time they hear 'master of the universe'. :D

Well...more villains running away with their tails between their legs and claiming they let the protagonists live. Sheesh, Axel...shut up you weakling. It just makes you look moronic to be uttering any boasting at this point.
3/20/2014 c25 Piccolo Sky
"These guys can't see reality even when it's slapping them silly." I agree.

Uh...I don't know what's in those nuclear missiles, but even if they were four or five Tsar Bombas they couldn't destroy a whole planet.

"Next time we'll make sure she won't escape." You guys just keep telling yourselves that. You haven't stopped a single person from escaping in this entire story. More like: "Next time we'll make sure to flip her off as she escapes."

Well, Vexen's potential death (I'm not ruling out that all bad guys are still alive) was a nice change of pace from the standard villain deaths, and although Marluxia's wasn't that satisfying, I'll give it credit for having him not make a final boast.

Kind of ironic, though. The son of Ansem kills the son of Zabi. Was that your intention? Again, it kind of stinks if this is Ezan's "last hurrah".

That me, this arc went on way to long. Long arcs would be fine when it's someone like Brad or Ravxen or Damonus or whatnot, but for a guy who isn't even one of the bigwigs of the Dark Enji... (I hope Zabi dies more quickly...) Same culprits as before: banter and extra battles. It was kind of a side effect of having these large teams along, though. I mean...when you're trying to juggle that many characters it's impossible to make things "flow pretty".

You made a good point with the ending of this chapter in the notes, however. It feels like the end of chapter 122 redux, which means "only a plot device can save them now".

On a last note, I would have said in the author's notes "she will get hers at some point", because it won't be anytime soon. And when she will be in a most unsatisfying and unfitting way, at least to me.

Anyway...I'm burned out on battles. I think that's what "wears away at my emotions", to be honest. I mean, I keep reading because I want to get to the end of this arc, which I know will be with Marluxia's fight, and just more and more "extra" battles pop up in the way. But...that was a lot tonight, so good night.
3/20/2014 c24 Piccolo Sky
The padding is getting worse and worse.

...Just ONCE, could Ben "open" with the four-fold Kaio-ken? He's needlessly dragging fights out regardless.

And...the fight gets unnecessarily dragged on even longer. This guy isn't even a MAJOR villain...sigh...
3/20/2014 c23 Piccolo Sky
GAH! A world more frightening than Power Rangers! Captian N the Game Master! RUN AWAY!

Eh, I didn't have too much pity for Xion. Ben and Ezan shouldn't bother getting mad, either. It's not like they'll ever make him feel any regret even if they beat him to a pulp, which they won't without getting themselves beat to a pulp.

Although, granted, there have been a few deaths in this arc...just no one important.
3/20/2014 c22 Piccolo Sky
Ah, well this chapter has far more reveals that aren't KH2-based. Sad if this is Ezan's "last hurrah" though...

"Give up? You give up." No, you give up. No, you give up. No, you give up. No, you give up... ...Sorry, I couldn't resist. :P

Bah, the chapter ended before the battle could. Which can only mean...ugh...the Ezan clone will probably escape...
3/19/2014 c21 Piccolo Sky
Traitors aren't tolerated? Uh...yes they are. LARXENE JUST USED XIGBAR AS A HUMAN SHIELD. Pretty sure that rule doesn't exist.

This part of the story seems a bit...drawn out... I suppose it made sense for all of the squads to be here, seems as if everything's being padded...

Well, big reveal...unless of course you had already played "Kingdom Hearts 2". :P
3/19/2014 c20 Piccolo Sky
A bit weird... Most of the stuff until now has been from videogames, but there have been exceptions. Now we've got an anime/manga. At any rate...I don't know anything about this either, so...move along quickly...

Well, the second one I know more about. It would have made for a nice "meterstick" of where the protagonists are at in terms of power,, no dice. Since Frieza only did his first form and Ben didn't even bother doing Kaio-ken, we'll never know. :P
3/19/2014 c19 Piccolo Sky
I think Castle Oblivion would have been more effective at "wearing Ben down" if it used his memories and not some random dude's. :P

...Damn, I really called it on the Monty Python reference. Well, at least Axel and Xigbar can point out how EACH OTHER are beaten to a pulp. :D, they didn't get back at Larxene at all. They didn't even scare her. They fought for a bit and then she escaped. And I'm sure next time she'll be even stronger so they can have another battle that she'll probably escape from as well. It's just like last time. And so...another disappointing battle that ultimately solved nothing.
3/19/2014 c18 Piccolo Sky
Well...technically Xigbar doesn't know who they are. He just called them "guys who always hang around with the star loser". Although...yeah, sorry guys. You ARE side characters. :(

Well...more delusional badguys. Even when they lose they refuse to acknowledge they lost. Major "Black Knight" syndrome. Somehow I had a feeling even if they were nothing more than a bleeding torso stuck on the ground they'd still be saying: "Hah! As if a loser like you could ever lay a finger on me! You didn't even tickle me!"
3/19/2014 c17 Piccolo Sky
Uh, bad guys? If he becomes Darth Idious again...he'll kill you all. You should have thought about this plan a bit more carefully...

Oh, come on, Ben...just blow holes through walls! Tear the card into bits! :P Your power has more settings than "average dude" and "blow up planet", doesn't it?

Yeah, during that whole exchange, this would be me...

BEN: ...Uh, you three obviously have some issues to work out, so...I'm just going to head on finding Marluxia...

I'm honestly not familiar with the Devil May Cry series so...yeah, most of this is over my head. Hmm...the names though. They don't happen to have a sister named Beatrice, do they? :P

Damn those Dark Enji! They gave Doug and James a fate worse than death: trapping them on an episode of Zentai Ranger! :D Although...the series would have been over in one season if they had been there to begin with, apparently.
3/19/2014 c16 Piccolo Sky
Anyway, since I forgot this last time...Lacus is an imbecile, as usual. She needs to get killed. Seriously, everyone would be better off. :D

Ah, shut up, Vile. You're like the "Team Rocket" of this outfit at this point. :P And come on, Zannacross...get mad enough to waste a failed henchman! How many times you going to let your employees walk over you like that? No wonder you've been stuck for millions of years. Though maybe not... After all, the list of people-to-kill isn't any smaller and hasn't gotten smaller since this story began.

Also, this must be the third time I've heard Zannacross make this same speech and ended with the same laughter.

Uh, James? Could we not voice the "worst case scenario" while Ben's in the room?

Ok Squall...we'll just kill Lacus instead. :P Well...if they can.

FUN FACT: The universe has no physical boundary, although it has an energy boundary. Not...sure how that works... But quantum physics isn't my forte.

So...Brad was able to just sneak in past security, just so he could hide in Lacus' room on the off chance he could destroy some flowers? Uh...that's kind of a "Kick the Dog" moment.

You think "Axel" is bad? How about "Riku" and "Rikku"?

Hmm...I know they go to a lot of other worlds, but...this part seems like it's actually "Chain of Memories" copied... Anyway...let's see if they even manage to kill one member of Organization XIII on this one... (I doubt it...or, if they do, three new villains all stronger than that one will pop in.)

Sheesh, even Namine sounds the same as every other villain...just no exclamation points...
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