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for Heart of the Dragon

11/8/2009 c13 2Readalot999
I like Tiberius ! It's great that he has a lifemate to look forward to. (Maybe that can be your next story-hint hint)
11/7/2009 c13 1SevenScars
I loved the was sweet/awesome...XD
11/7/2009 c13 6apalusa-light
Oh yay! Great job. It was nice to get the "back story" for Tiberius and I'm glad that Belle was able to give him hope for his lifemate, and the future. Distractions being what they are (and I'm as guily as anyone of embracing them sometimes) I'm gad that you were able to update this story again. It's one of my favorite stories (/series) listed in the Carpathian archive. I hope you'll get the next update posted soon because I truly look forward to what happens next for Belle and Ramius. Until then - Happy Writing!
11/7/2009 c13 2SouthernLady23
*jaw drops* OMG that was awesome! Their daughter will be his life mate?

Well you know what that means *giggles*

cue the song 'Let's get it on'...

hehehe Love how the story is developing - and I totally understand about the distractions LOL! Thanks! *hugs*
10/16/2009 c12 6apalusa-light
As usual you are doing a wonderful job. I look forward to Tiberius' story and also to more of Belle and Ramius's relationship. I hope that Belle will be able to help Tiberius to find his lifemate... Keep up the great work.
10/16/2009 c12 2Readalot999
aha Tiberius is apparently not a bad guy. Don't apologize you're doing great. Tiberius will get around to telling his story.
10/13/2009 c12 2SouthernLady23
Oh wow, so all this time Ramius thought Tiberius was a killer vamp when he was not. It seems Tiberius has some big bomb to drop on Ramius as to why he let him believe he was a vampire for so long. Can't wait to find out what it is.

But why are they sitting around talking when the other people are getting attacked in the cave? Put down the cushions and get to the battle, A.S.A.P. LOL!

Thanks for the chappie, can't wait till Belle and Ramius get together and complete the ritual.
10/13/2009 c12 1SevenScars
I can completely understand with trying to get a character to open up on their story...XD...however it doesn't stop me from adoring this chapter...^-^ so keep up the great work...XD
10/13/2009 c12 5magicspromise89
I'm confused. Please clear this up soon. My advice to you is don't try to force it. Just let it come.
10/7/2009 c11 2SouthernLady23
oh no! they took Belle!

Update soon...
10/7/2009 c10 SouthernLady23
So glad Belle finally found her lifemate! Yay!

Oh no just one more chappie! what's going to happen?
10/7/2009 c9 SouthernLady23
very sensual kiss... wonder if Belle's prediction will come true or not?
10/7/2009 c8 SouthernLady23
Hahahaha! You read my mind in your A/N about: Don't faint, it really is another chapter. LOL! that was totally freaky LOL

~“I am Ramius of the Dragonseekers. I am your lifemate.”~ LOL! I screamed 'Holy S*hit!' at the screen. hahahaha! I knew it!

OMG that kiss was hot! *fans self* Ramius is way too cool...

next please...
10/7/2009 c7 SouthernLady23
~“Belle Foster,” he said in a voice that thrummed to her soul, “I am Ramius of the Dragonseekers."~ I'm so glad i was sitting down or I would have fainted! LOL!

*bites fingernails* next please...
10/7/2009 c6 SouthernLady23
Oh man, your plot bunnies are so like mine - we never give the characters a rest Mwahaha!

Could her vision be Cedric? that he turned and killed everyone to get to Selene?

You rock my bunny socks, girl! Awesome story...
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