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for Legolas's Twin

10/10/2020 c4 Alatha
Hi, I would love to make an appearance, sadly you kind of already filled the position... (you can still add the character) anyway:
My character is Alatha
She is; skilled with a bow, has long blonde hair usually found in a braid, she is very emotionaly stable but has a temper, she has eyes like ice and very cold hands,

If you want to learn more/contact me with details email me;
. (I am kind of obsessed with this character)
1/11/2004 c4 kiya
i REALY liked your story! like REALY! you should do sumthin to make it a lagolas/katey fic, that would be neat, and make it so that the orcs are back or somehting, idunno
11/29/2003 c1 orlandobloombelongstoME
my hostage-i mean husband Orlando Bloom think this is EVIL! not good. so boring
9/30/2003 c4 1ShortHappens
Aw... come on you can do it I get writers block too-_-
2/22/2003 c4 7Gleefulsunflower
erm she could get captured by orcs,found in a ditch by 4 hobbits from the shire 1 of them the ring bearer,get raped by orcs,sauraman comes back 2 life and captures her in his tower then rescued by gandalf and the rest of the remaining fellowship.
2/7/2002 c4 8ravenclawer
Thanks for reviewing my story! I didn't know that you had half as many names, but... anyways.

You're asking for Suggestions?

Um, right now all you need is a plot, so basically what you need to do is to get one *grins* Not much of a help, am I?

Let's see...

*Lillin must have a reason for running away: for example, a quest(sorry if you told us her reason already)

*The land of Mordor/ringwraiths/something evil are going to come along sometime



*A crossover, perhaps? Since I'm in reviewer's block with this review already. I'm out of ideas!

2/4/2002 c4 Willowy-chan
i like your fic so far! i was also thinking the other day about a fic about legolas and his sister. it would have been a nice story but i'm suffering the same writers block with you in a fic i'm trying to finish. so any way, try figure out what's your plot for the story (cuz it's like the back bone of a story) and string some of your ideas together (like putting in some body parts) then everything will just follow. keep your mind open for ideas and believe me, it helps a lot when you have writers block.

Good Luck! ^.^
1/24/2002 c3 2Princess Saphire
I love your stoyr. Please continue!
1/23/2002 c2 3Archiekins
I do not cry that much and you got the running away from me didn't you? grrr! just kidding Lillin is me isn't it Cyn?
1/23/2002 c3 Archiekins
I love her name sounds much like me middle name Lillian just the "a" away and yuo have Lillin, iloike swords katey and lillin should get together sometime they would kick some butt what'd think?

cool fic, Legolas likes Katey but you planned that didn't you? Cyn
1/19/2002 c3 11Weapon of Choice
i like the sister idea...i haven't seen that used much with legolas...very nice
1/10/2002 c1 VWS
Katey it's nocking an arrow, but it's still a cool story.
1/9/2002 c3 lasfie
lol... chapter 3 came as i expected. Hehe... talk to ya bout it in school... remember the writer/reporter phenomenom? Lol.
1/6/2002 c3 Skya2
Yay! They found Lillin! Oh, poor Legolas! He must feel awful! I hope they can make her stop crying! Hurry and write the next chapter! ^^
1/6/2002 c3 ravenclawer
Cool story... I can't believe you added that part!

: )

- your friendc
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