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for La canzone della Bella Cigna

10/12 c45 Fleur50
Relecture…. En espérant toujours que la fin y sera!
10/12 c40 Fleur50
Relecture… j’adore!
10/12 c39 Fleur50
7/23 c45 dpennell007
Evil Aro never disappoints, that manipulative a-hole. Excellent story! I wish I had known you quit writing at a good spot with the light at end of the tunnel in clear sight, or I would have read it 10 years ago.

Beautiful music to accompany your words, fabulous romance, and several heart-stopping action scenes made the 300,000 plus words fly by. Thanks for referencing which outtake matched its corresponding chapter as we read along. They were all terrific as well!
11/17/2022 c45 CynMar Rom
I'm usually pretty good at seeing if a story is complete before diving in, because I don't like this feeling lol
But I realized this story was incomplete un chapter 43 lol
It is so goood!good! I really hope you had an ending planned for this.
God, I would hope against hope that you'd come back to it, but I realize it's been a really long time now.
I hope you're doing great! Thanks for sharing!
7/9/2022 c45 Allear
Just re-read this story, it's still great!
4/5/2022 c1 Guest
This is an amazing story and I’ve never read anything so poetically written. Absolutely captivating - I hope wherever you are in life you have published amazing stories.
2/22/2022 c12 daphnie
I know this story is abandoned.. But can't help but hope well see an update someday.. This is one of my favourite Bella's yet
1/1/2022 c45 manali90312
Please please continue
10/18/2021 c44 westernem
Just letting you know that the story is amazing and I can’t believe I forgot it wasn’t finished (insert sobbing here). I know it’s been years….so many years but even just a quite note on how you would have ended it. Wondering if you will even read this, anyway thanks for the writing!
10/15/2021 c1 sneakygirl08
Rereading for probably the dozenth time… and really, really needed this statement today: “Go to a practice room, do your work, and think about what you really want. Make up your mind, and then don't be scared again. You can be angry, or frustrated, or sometimes stressed out, but once you make that decision, tell fear to go to hell where it came from. Fear is a liar and it has no place in my studio." Excellent advice and I shall take it for myself. Thank you so much for writing and inspiring.
10/5/2021 c45 readluv
This is my second time reading your story, and you are so extraordinarily talented. The world building, details, writing -everything is phenomenal! I hope that you’ll come back to finish this some day, but I hope you know that your story is amazing! We’ll be waiting for you! :)
8/12/2021 c45 juucaarvalho
Where the finally?
7/16/2021 c45 16moose-girl6
Oh my goodness, what a place to leave it! I have been consumed by this story over the past few days and can't imagine what will come next. Thank you for writing something so good and clever. Please keep writing!
3/18/2021 c20 atouchofcitron
my god, when s*** hits the fan, it really hits the fan. i can't stop reading!
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