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for La canzone della Bella Cigna

4/24/2013 c42 brenda.warren.1257
what happened to jane did she loose her powers or her mind why didn't they burn her
4/23/2013 c41 brenda.warren.1257
so Bella screw up and sort of drank from a human sort of funny Edward made a daughter Bella made a son but I guess either Tanya or Irena get a boyfriend
4/23/2013 c40 brenda.warren.1257
if she don't drink him now hell become a vampire
4/23/2013 c39 brenda.warren.1257
so when Edward is under the shild with her he can hear her thought cool
4/23/2013 c38 brenda.warren.1257
I know I have asked this before but why . should they have to go back Marcus bit Bella there for they broke the word about hurting Bella and they don't want to join them so why should they have to
4/23/2013 c37 brenda.warren.1257
well now aro cant do anything about this Edward didn't do it and was told to take her and go
4/23/2013 c36 brenda.warren.1257
I am so happy they got married but why should they have to hid that fact aro and every one knows they are mated and engaged to marry so what's the problem they got married
4/22/2013 c35 brenda.warren.1257
seems like her tour is better than expected wonder what Aro feels and thinks about that. what little surprise has Bella got in bind
4/22/2013 c34 brenda.warren.1257
why didn't Bella and Edward just asked to be released and let go home they don't want to be part of the guard
4/22/2013 c33 brenda.warren.1257
why did that happen was Demetri going to kill Bella or what why didn't any other vampire see those men take her
4/22/2013 c32 brenda.warren.1257
Ifigured they would win the contest but Aro probley wont let the go . what I Alice up too
4/22/2013 c31 brenda.warren.1257
man that was down right scary and just what did little human Bella think she could do standind between two vampires dumb
4/22/2013 c30 brenda.warren.1257
funny I thought I was reading Bella dreaming
4/22/2013 c29 brenda.warren.1257
aro burned his sister didn't he and he uses that shield to make Marcus stay there does he and they are trying to break up Edward and Bella and at the same time tie them to him
4/21/2013 c28 brenda.warren.1257
Aro is trying to trick her into saying she will stay and make Edward stay too. It has been more than two minutes so where the hell is Edward
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