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for La canzone della Bella Cigna

4/21/2013 c27 brenda.warren.1257
why did Bella trip on purpose was she testing something or someone. the dream was it about Marcus wife' why cant Bella talk to human people she is human
4/21/2013 c26 brenda.warren.1257
whats with the vampire folling Bella said he want going to kill her but just wanted to kiss her whats hi problem who killed Marcus's wife
4/21/2013 c25 brenda.warren.1257
so the bitch vampire is trying to tun Bella's love for Edward off and make her want ARO and turn Edwards love off Bella to her don't think she can do you
4/21/2013 c24 brenda.warren.1257
It's so good she still get to talk with Alice why cant Jasper tudor while he in newborn stage wouldn't that help him
4/20/2013 c23 brenda.warren.1257
I have watch all the movies I have them all newmoon is my least favorite one don't really know why I am not a Jacob fan never will be
4/20/2013 c22 brenda.warren.1257
so does that mean her and Edward has to go to Italy ever weekend or what
4/20/2013 c21 brenda.warren.1257
why was it so easy foe Edward to change Alice. daddy C is fixing to get two more kids he don't know about. but real talk is going to be about Edward and Bella mating lord help them
4/20/2013 c20 brenda.warren.1257
what did that note say it could not be good. why didn't Bella ask what is happening now
4/20/2013 c19 brenda.warren.1257
well Alice and Jasper are in the process of changing and Bella and Edward are watching and waiting for his parents hope they hurry up and get there
4/20/2013 c18 brenda.warren.1257
do they have jasperis Bella going to tell Edward what happened
4/20/2013 c17 brenda.warren.1257
so Aro and Jane showed up and Aro figured out he couldn't read Bella and now he wants Jane to see if he could hurt her not fair
4/20/2013 c16 brenda.warren.1257
say yes to forever girl if you don't there's a million girls out there jumping at the chance for him to pick them just say yes
4/19/2013 c15 brenda.warren.1257
Charley seemed to like Edward that great but their make out could have been a tad bit more if you know what mean
4/19/2013 c14 brenda.warren.1257
was that a dream about the bees and Alice or when she fell she hit her head
4/19/2013 c13 brenda.warren.1257
I thought she already told him she loved him I guess she just thought it. did he tell her he loved her
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