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for La canzone della Bella Cigna

3/15/2013 c45 westernem
oh man what a chapter, i totally forgot what happened in the last one. just finished re reading the whole thing, couldn't stop for days! but at least now i'm all caught up i can finally really start studying you know with finals starting this week ;) amazing story, it just pulls you in and won't let go. can't wait to read more!
3/15/2013 c45 1MissYesPleaseSir
I just sent you a LONG PM about this story and how delighted I am to have fallen into it for the past few days, much to the dismay of my now-ignored children and husband! The world you have created is SO real and SO detailed that it is utterly encompassing and thoroughly addictive — and, like all your other reviewers, I'm sure, I am salivating for more of this tremendously well-crafted and beautifully-written story! :)
3/12/2013 c45 2TwiTwiAgain
I was so happy that this has continued. You have very interesting happenings; change Charlie? Whoa! I really like how you weave the music playing into the campfire scene.
2/15/2013 c45 5Seishuku Arashi
Man. Am I tired lollllll xD this has been a thrill for me. There isn't much that I havent read and I really needed something to get lost in so thank you. Loved it! Well written and ugh I wish this was the movie. Pfft. Ehem. Update Soon. Can't wait to read more!
2/14/2013 c45 LAB1
Wow! This story is an amazing work of art! I can't wait to see what happens next!
2/11/2013 c45 3beauty's.punishment
I've been reading your story for the past few days and I have to tell you, that you have managed the ease me into Opera. I didn't like it that much before, but it's like you have opened my 'taste buds' to this whole new world and now I can't stop :) Thank you for that and for your passion for music that bleeds out of your words. It's quite mesmerizing. It shows that you are a talented musician, but at the same time, your writing doesn't lack talent either and truly I loved the writing in some of the passages of this story, going back and rereading your words and your lyrical ability to describe things from emotions to simple objects or interactions. I can't wait to read more of this story and see how they will be able to prevail over the Volturi and hopefully, end their rule :)
2/10/2013 c45 Guest
Wow, this is such a great story. It's similar and yet so different. I love the idea of Bella being musical. This has sucked me in so deep, I can't wait for your next chapter. Your writing is really good. You captured the characters, yet brought them up to date a little more. You've done a pretty good job of capturing the angst and the love between B&E. Thank you for teaching me so much about opera and music in general.
2/5/2013 c45 LovelyFusion
Ahhh why isn't there anymore :-( I hope you have a break in your life where you can work on the next chapter. This story is too good to be left hanging.
2/4/2013 c37 LovelyFusion
This is so good! I love Marcus and I can safely say in any other fic I've never had any emotions towards him. I didn't see that coming though, I am glad :-)
2/4/2013 c45 Marya1918
Hi. I'm reading this story again while I wait for an update. I hope it comes soon. I am really curious to see how they are going to evade Aro's schemings.
2/4/2013 c33 LovelyFusion
This was good but I'm very confused. That was probably your intent but I hate not knowing things and wondering if I've missed something or if you haven't explained it yet. Just confused about those guys, why Arp hired them and what they were hoping Edward would do, and if Demetri was going to kill Bella.
2/4/2013 c28 LovelyFusion
This was a good chapter. Aro is so mercurial and I'm always on my toes when he's in the picture, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hate the ideas Demetri is planting in Bella's head, but happy for her faith in Edward :-)
2/3/2013 c45 alamkar
I have been enthralled with this story from the start. This is the first vampire story I have read and anxiously await the final chapters. Please post soon! Dying to see how everything turns out ...
2/3/2013 c25 LovelyFusion
When a vampire is in the sun, does it have the same effect as it does in Twilight? Also slightly confused as to why Bella and Edward can't reassure each other? Not sure how that would effect how long it takes for the change to take place. Still, loving the story just as much, just more questions as the plot thickens.
2/3/2013 c18 LovelyFusion
Omg for a minute there I thought Dimitri had bitten Alice eep!
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