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for La canzone della Bella Cigna

1/31/2016 c6 kaeeth32
Is Edward a vampire?! I mean THE CLUES! Doesn't eat, looking at Bella's right forearm, cool fingers? Am I supposed to ring the vampire bell?
12/13/2015 c45 Niks
Please please finish this story, its so good!
12/9/2015 c45 cglckl
I have just re-read this masterpiece again for the countless time. I love the way you have crafted and shaped these characters in your own way, and yet never strayed far from canon. I would be lying if I were to say I am not dying to know how you would have ended this story and I'm sad that it may remain unfinished. Having said that, I hope you are well and I wanted you to know that despite the fact that this cliffhanger might be the end, I will continue to re-read this again and again because I love it so. All the best to you and I will always hope to see that you've updated -maybe in 2016?
12/8/2015 c45 R.P
So sad that this story has fallen to the way side and forgotten. Especially at a cliff hanger, you had a nice story going. :(
12/7/2015 c45 4hotmama4jd
What happened? Are you ok?

Please come back and update- or at the very least post a paragraph or two explaining how you see this story ending. We all deserve to know what happened to these people that we cared about.
11/7/2015 c45 Guest
I truly have no idea of what happened to you in the last 3 years since you posted this last chapter, and I know this is not anyone's right to require to know. I assure you that I am definely not here to offend you or complain about the gap in the postings. My only interest here is to remind you that there are still some people who expect to hear about this story. I am one of these.

Thank you. Have a great life. Hope you find anything inside you to finish this one here. xo
10/14/2015 c1 2Dedicated follower
Fabulous start!
10/13/2015 c45 Guest
This is such a wonderful story... its even more than that. This story is so addicting and I can't believe that this is it for now. I most definitely would like to know how it will end, but I know you haven't updated in years.

I hope that you plan on finishing your creation, and I hope that your personal life is going well. I'll pray that you are alright.
9/4/2015 c10 cecilia4059
They both slipped, didn't they.
9/4/2015 c3 cecilia4059
Poor Bella...
9/4/2015 c1 cecilia4059
I just start reading this story and already falling in love with it. I hope you're still writing it and will finish it someday. Thanks so much.
6/27/2015 c45 Guest
Hello? Helllllllooooooooooooooo?! Is anyone home? Have you abandoned this story? Cuz there's no way that was the end...?
6/21/2015 c45 1Messy Bronze Hair
Unbelievable... Here you ended the story and haven't updated for about three years. Are there any chances that you even would now?

This story is pretty good and interesting. Bella and Edwards bond is so strong and it's nice to read a different version of twilight.

It's just really sad that you haven't updated the story. You should at least give your readers a decent ending, since you said this story would be about 50 chaps.

I hope there will be some fight with Volturi if you somehow decides to continue this story.

Please, don't leave your reader hanging. This story is truly amazing.

Hope otherwise everything is well with you, and nothing problematic events in your personal life has happened. That might explain the end of the writhing. Much as you said that your sisters' husband has died.

Once again, this was an amazing story and I truly hope that you once again decides to write.

Lots of love,
Messy Bronze Hair
6/16/2015 c5 1Lady Jimita
I am loving this story so far! You have a great gift for writing content with depth, and epic humor as well! To have both so well done is a stunning accomplishment!
6/7/2015 c45 sneakygirl08
Every year I reread this story in its entirety, wishing for more chapters. I hope that your real life allows time for writing, even if not this story. You are an excellent writer: distinct characters, depth of knowledge about the details that make a story feel real, and a plot line that builds without dragging. Thank you for writing.
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