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for La canzone della Bella Cigna

4/28/2014 c45 tspinks77
I really hope that you finish this beautiful story. !
4/26/2014 c45 LRK
This story is better than the original Twilight saga. You have a real talent, but unfortunately I don't see how you could change this to publish it unless you make it alien's living among us sort of thing. I have enjoyed each and every chapter and I hope you finish this story someday. I think this Bella and Edward deserve their happy ending.
4/25/2014 c45 fanfictionalcolic
I hope you will finish it. :)
3/27/2014 c45 Lilith Leazman
I know RL has probably come between you and this story because I see you haven't updated it in a few years, but I wanted to let you know that this is truly a masterpiece of literature. Not just a fanfiction; you have so much emotion, detail and grand sweeping storyline that I would read your writing till my eyes dry out.

I will most definitely be adding your lovely story into my favorites and want you to know you still have fans reading your beautiful writing. _
2/17/2014 c45 5cool-gal95
Nooooooooooooo. Why is it unfinished?
2/16/2014 c33 cool-gal95
I read your A/N just now for chapter 33, and I have to say while it's intense it's one of the best stories I have ever read.

I am in a place where I just can't get into reading anymore. I don't know why, I just can't I've tried different books, I've tried fanfics, but unless it's a comfort read I know by heart, I just lost interest after a few pages.

This story was exactly what I needed. So thank you, for writing it exactly as you did
2/15/2014 c1 1pressed.start
Please please continue this wonderful, magical piece of art! I've loved every word and I'm so invested that I feel heartache to see that you haven't added anything in quite a while. Don't stop, I beg you!
2/5/2014 c25 amelia
i owe you 24 reviews! i am so taken with your writing and the content of this story. haven't been able to stop reading for 2 nights. enamored by your talent. thank you for sharing your words!
1/29/2014 c45 Britmom
I've just found you and this story through someone's favourites and I can see why you're there. I've had to read it straight through. It's wonderful! So well written, an excellent storyline and the musical prompts are a great idea. I really enjoyed listening along even though it's not my usual type of music.
Reading some of the other reviews it seems you've given up on continuing the story. I hope, in time, you'll reconsider. Thank you for a brilliant read. I'm going to read your other work now as you have me hooked.
12/23/2013 c45 SeekerNewbie
Aaarrrggghhhh you can't end the story there! Please finish this one. If you can. I've really enjoyed it so far
12/17/2013 c45 mystylady
You had a good story going here are you going to finish it or is this suppose to be the end of it. I don't it should of ended like this. think about it.
12/16/2013 c45 Shadow nightingale
Lovely story so far, I hope you update again soon. My thoughts are with your loss. Happy Holidays.

Kind regards.
11/15/2013 c45 Rob Smut Lovers
Gosh, I had no idea this story had been abandoned. I was going to go rec the hell out of it...bummer.

What you DID complete was truly amazing. I loved the music accompaniments throughout and really appreciated all of the work and research put into it. The beautiful details; wow, you (& company) thought of everything, making this fic lush and beautiful.

The storyline and characterisations were VERY well-defined and written. The action sequences and pacing were also well-described. Every time I thought the vegetarians/humanitarians had a hope of succeeding against the Volturi, or even a glimmer of 'hope' of breaking away, here comes Aro (or his minions) to yank it away. Like a giant chess game with 'gifted' Undead chess pieces.

I enjoyed the outtakes as well. I hope this gets completed some day. Thank you:) RoseE. x
11/4/2013 c45 carolinadrama
You took Twilight to a whole other level! I'm "dazzled"! And waiting anxiously for the next update. Can't wait for all hell to break loose...
10/29/2013 c29 17lilblueangel1223
I feel like Aro is the one who killed Marcus's wife ... eek he is not somebody to be taken lightly :/
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