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9/7/2010 c4 KimiD
loved the interchange with isabella & alice. not very subtle but i think alice knew she was behind the screen. we know alice knows all sees all. LOL great chapter, really flowed very nicely as always. KimiD
9/7/2010 c3 KimiD
Oh you KNOW I am interested, I cannot believe i had not starting reading this already! You are one of, if not my favorite author on this site. Once again, Love it, love. KimiD
9/7/2010 c2 KimiD
I am... enthralled! I have been smiling the whole chapter. Love it, love it. Not real familiar with the period other than other novels i have read. Julia Quinn novels are some of the best for that time period also Jude Devereaux love their novels and they are set alot in this time period, Also, Catherine Colter is awesome for this time period. They may give you some ideas. Oh And one more Johanna Lindsay. These are a few of the best. Julia Quinn has a awesome sense of humor and lovely twists & turns in her stories. Hope that helps. Again, love this. KimiD
9/7/2010 c1 KimiD
Olivia, what a lovely beginning. I love historical romances! they are my favorites. A gentler time & place. Cannot wait to read the rest! Kimid
6/7/2010 c6 2raca
I really do love this story. I hope you continue it, it deserves to be finished.
3/11/2010 c6 kim
Aw, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the story. It reminds me so much of Pride and Prejudice but with a cool twist and I don't usually like my favorite stories being twisted.
3/11/2010 c2 kim
It sounds good so far. I would just use Jane Austen as a good example of that time period. Personally I like Pride and Prejudice the most and the dialogue in that particular one is not as high as some of the others.
2/18/2010 c1 Gina
for godssake! Update! its been what? 6 mos at least?
1/27/2010 c6 ckpeaches
loving it so far cant wait for you to update soon!
12/2/2009 c6 HeavenCent
I really like this story! Its cute!
12/2/2009 c2 18Jedi Bubbles
I didn't mention this earlier, but I think Mrs. Ashby is hilarious.

Oh, if you like, I can help with the dialogue and the historical aspects. Such as some of the Cullen children should actually be related to them by blood or else it would be a little ridiculous. Also, instead of saying adopted, you could say that some of them are their wards left to them by family, like Fanny Price.
12/2/2009 c1 Jedi Bubbles
Hi, I really like this story, but there are a few historical inaccuracies that need to be addressed, but overall you did very well. First, powdered wigs went out of style in 1796. If this is set in the Pride and Prejudice time period then that would've been about 1813. Second, Bella would have never, ever worn her hair down at her age in public. Once a girl was of a certain age she always wore her hair up. She could have it done up plainly, but it would still be up. Watch the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice to get what I mean on these points, not the Keira Knightley version as it was set in the wrong time period and didn't follow the book well anyway. Also, how much money does Charlie have? What's his income? The Bennets lived quite comfortably on 2,0 a year so it would have to be pretty small if they barely had enough money for a single daughter to be dressed well-ish.

If you need help finding examples on hairstyles and such, I kind of have a bunch of stuff on the fashion of this time period. I could send you the sites.

I'll repeat, though, I really like what you have, and I think it is excellent.
11/6/2009 c6 2lulu2
oh wow, i LOVE this story! can't wait for more. you've done an excellent job!
11/6/2009 c5 2lulu2
at first i thought aaron must be jake's character (The Code=The Treaty), but obviously it's not. i'm guessing he's james? still loving your story!
11/6/2009 c3 2lulu2
hahahaha! “And worse yet, it is not over for you. His sister plans to seek you out to sniff you. It is beyond odd…” hahaha... oh my gosh, that was so funny! your dialog is so great! p.s. poor mortified bella! that would have been absolutely dreadful.
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