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7/29/2009 c5 missascott
I LOVE this story! Please write fast :) I can't wait to find out what happens next!
7/29/2009 c5 bananahzz
Oh Edward how you struggle so!

Thank you for this chapter.
7/29/2009 c5 1ChOcOlAtE rAiNbOw Cd'S
aaron is evil. thank god Edward was there to save Bella. it was just like the port angeles scene in Twilight, except there weren't cars and there was only one man. update soon!
7/29/2009 c5 16wuogkat
I LOVE how appropriately clueless she is.

Another great chapter.
7/29/2009 c4 bananahzz
ooh! I like your story.

Please update soon!
7/16/2009 c4 aragornnme
It's definitely improving, and I understand your reservations about the language issues... it's hard to write in Regency when you think and speak in present day English.

I'm glad that there's finally some intriguing plot points, but I'm worried that it's too predictable. If it's a Darcy vs. Wickham/Georgiana/Ramsgate sort of deal, then I'd try going for a kick-ass vampire plot device, if that makes any sense. ;) I'm also interested in how this scene will finish, and how Edward will react to Bella, and vice versa with her reaction to him doing something so chivalrous as keeping her honor intact. The scene was definitely cut too short.

Anywho, considering ITGOT, I'm sure you'll come up with some amazing plot devices and storylines, so I'm excited to see the next installment.

Cheers, and happy writing,

7/16/2009 c4 wuogkat
This is swimming beautifully. I was very excited to see the new chapter.
7/16/2009 c4 5TheDay'sEye
I think the dialogue was great . . . um, can you explain to me what a dance card is? I've never heard of one before.
7/15/2009 c4 2cool4school
really good update soon
7/15/2009 c4 Billy Bob Bo Jangles
interesting, really.
7/15/2009 c4 missascott
I really love this story! I think you are doing a great job with the character development and I get very excited whenever I get an email that you have added another chapter. Keep up the great work!
7/15/2009 c4 jpaicely
Wow! Who is Aaron? Can't wait to find out more on this story! I love the story and I wouldn't worry much about the dialogue, if its interesting and edgy, you'll keep our attention!
7/15/2009 c4 Kaymichelle
I absolutely love your story as it is. I am a huge fan of historical books and Twilight, so what you have done is to seriously blow my mind with this one! I cannot wait to read upcoming chapters! This is amazing, amazing, AMAZING! I feel like I'm reading a completely different story altogether. Looking forward to reading more!
7/11/2009 c1 22cool4school
I really l ike its rreally original I would love it if you continued it. Edward was probably reacting to Bellas scentimguessing atleast. I love the fact that this is in the 1800's and i still like it because I absolutely hate historical fictioin but I love this story! It shows how good of awriter you are. Also I like the face that bellas not ooc. i usually dont like stories where bellas ooc! well now im rambling update soon!

-2cool4school aka Mia
7/7/2009 c3 16wuogkat
I really like this would you please keep going?
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