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for Tekken Keizu: Blood Feud

3/13/2011 c24 3spica starson
definitely cool! I never thought I would like Heihachi that you have described him in this story!
8/10/2009 c24 iRock421
Welcome back!

Ah, my poor heart aches for Jinpachi, really. I'm interested to see if Misano/Sakura has lost all shred of a conscience or if maybe it will pop back up and she'll begin to feel regret over the whole plan...who knows.

Your interpretation of Heihachi, if I haven't mentioned, is fabulous. Makes me smile each time is twisted self comes into play here. Can't wait for the next update :-)
7/6/2009 c23 The Spinning Bird
This is actually a well written story. I am impressed with your interpretations of the characters making this quite enjoyable. I want to read more of this, especially since I love Kayuza's split personality. It reminds me of my psych class. lol
6/27/2009 c23 iRock421
*pumps fist in air*

Finally you updated! My my, so Jun is off to Hong Kong with Lei? And Kazuya is heading to Seoul...perhaps their paths will cross somehow :-D

A short review before I hit the bed. Keep up the awesome work!
6/26/2009 c22 3OnyxAngel3
Update soon! I've been waiting for what seems like forever!

I really like the way your portray the characters. All in all, one heck of a story!*Thumbs up* :)
6/12/2009 c21 iRock421
O...Lei and Jun, methinks this will cause some trouble down the road.

So you split the fic in two? Good deal. I can't wait to see what conspires, and I'm off to check the other half of the fic for an update!

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