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12/5/2012 c1 3beautifulindigo
i'm going to write characters on my own for the fun of it and not submit them but i have a question. what do you mean by 'family' on the application form? JW!
11/7/2012 c5 beautifulindigo
Oh, his name's sawyer. sorry i thought it was obnoctious. (idk how to spell the word). ps: i want u to know that i'm not trying to critisize u or ur writing. i am merely talking about his generally attitude, especially on the show. u are a great author!
1/7/2012 c1 1Samm The Writer
Full name (including common nicknames): Giovanni Costible (John) (named after his mother's father)

Sawyer's nicknames: Mario

Age (no higher than 18): 14

Grade (9, 10, 11 or 12): 9

Gender: male

Family: Mary Costible (Mother), Samuel Costible (Father, Major in US Army)

Appearance: Brown almost black hair, big Italian nose, dark brown eyes, full lips, average size ears, contacts, skinny but has strong upper body strength (works out with his Dad).

Personality: He is very quiet and unassuming but very gentleman like. Born with a mental disorder called Aspergers (which he acts like a normal kid most of the time however he dosen't know how to make friends, he gets angry because he can't use his words, he can be very annoyed). Very intelligent in all core subjects.

Which clique (if any) they belong to: nerdy but well dressed kid.

Which Middle School are they from, if one of the three (Kahana, Oceanic, Mittelos):

When they came to the school (new student, been there since freshman year, ect.): middle of freshman year.

If a new student, why they moved: US Army.

Past: born in America to a US Army Lieutenant Father. Moved from Fort to Fort during his childhood. When his Father made Major they started moving around the world. Everywhere from Spain to Cuba, from Italy to Japan, from Korea to now Australia.

Interests/Hobbies: Video Games, Movies, everything Roman.

Strengths: Tutor.

Friends: other kids that play video games.

Enemies: Jocks

Pairings: a beautiful nerdy girl.

Best classes: Math, History, English, Science, Computer.

Worst classes: none, he's not necessarily bad at classes he just gets average grades.

Are they part of a team or club? (Track, basketball, football, chess, cheerleading, ect.): Drama (only Roman or Greek plays)

Possession (any important things they own like Eko's Jesus stick or Dan's journal): IPod. Music: Modern Rock, Electronic, 80's Rock, Big Band Jazz, Beatles, Christian, Reggae, and Tropical.

Languages they speak: Latin (loves speaking it, learned from his Mother), Italian (learned in Italy, the land of his ancestry), and English (of course), Italian (learned in Italy), Spanish (learned in Spain), Japanese (learned in Japan), Korean (learned in Korea).

Weaknesses: being bullied (he will attack them)

Catchphrases: Veni, Vidi, Vici (Latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered") -Caesar, accusare Nemo se debit, nisi coram Deo (Latin for No one is bound to accuse herself/himself, unless before God), condiscipulus (Latin for Classmate), Amor vincit omnia (Latin for love conquers all things), Dum spiro, spero (Latin for While I breathe, I hope/ motto of South Carolina), Dum vita est spes est (Latin for While there's life, there's hope), Compesce mentem (Latin for Control your temper), aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem (Latin for Remember to maintain a calm mind while doing difficult tasks), Nihil novi sub sole (Latin for Nothing new under the sun), Caveat Samaritanus (Latin for Let the Samaritan beware), Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Catoni (Latin for The winning cause pleased the gods, but the losing cause pleased Cato).

Song to describe them (optional, but would be appreciated): Mean - Taylor Swift.

Misc.: he loves speaking Latin, I got the idea from the LOST episode Jughead. Judging by what Juliet said.
12/18/2011 c73 6JimmyP
Always nice to see an update from you in my inbox. Great chapter as per usual.
12/18/2011 c73 15everysonghasanending
Great Chapter!
12/18/2011 c73 7Golden-Black Dragon
So Zooey has self-esteem issues? Oooohkaaay.

Is Roma pregnant? I can honestly imagine war breaking out between Luke and Jason if they're the potential father.

Nadine's jealous? Hasn't she been seeing Jason behind Bo's back? And weren't they fighting over her?

Wonder what'll happen between Mallory and Justin. And I wonder how Benji will react to Reggie's friends...

Got a few ideas for stuff.
12/18/2011 c73 17GuitarHeroLost
Yayy! an update! I'm so thrilled! Lolz at everyone in the beginning, talking about that 'special someone' and no one knows who anyone is talking about.

Uh oh. Zooey. As evil as she's been up to this point, hey look, turns out she has a soul. Sympathy vote. I hope she's OK... maybe Radovan will help her through it. Or maybe he'll remain oblivious like most guys do.

And oooh. Nadine is being a hypocrite now. She's jealous of Liv and Bo hitting it off right away, yet she's been screwing Jason for a while now? This should be interesting.

Well, awesome chapter, Lots of new stuff going on and I'm really excited for it. I hope to see an update two weeks from today!
11/2/2011 c72 GuitarHeroLost
Well, I am so thrilled to see an update! Any update is good for me, even though it was kinda short and slightly uneventful. BUT the scene with Kiya and the bikini was cute and funny. I really enjoyed it. And Rad and Mal are on speaking terms... hmm... interesting. I loved Bo making up that note that Radovan 'left' for Zooey. Haha, he cracks me up. I'm intrigued about how you're going to be restructuring the story, I can't WAIT for December! Update soon (well, you know what I mean.)
9/5/2011 c71 AlexaGeorge
YAY! A CHAPTER! This definately made my day :) I would put more of what exactly i loved, but i'm typing this on my phone and it's about to die. I can't wait for the next chapter, and i hope you can get it up soon!
9/4/2011 c71 GuitarHeroLost

Okay, I had to get that out of my system. All this cuteness is almost overwhelming. I'm so glad for this update after a long break, but I totally understand why you hate writing Christmas break chapters. With everyone separated with very different environments, it's gotta be difficult. I love the drama between Maddyson and Sawyer that's starting up again. & I still feel so bad for Bo, curious to see what Lea and Claire are going to do. Update soon!
9/4/2011 c71 7Golden-Black Dragon
And you finally updated!

I wonder how Claire and Nadine will appraoch talking to Nadine. or not.

So, Mallory's stuck with Nick because he's the only one she hasn't driven away?

Matt/Claire is actually sort of normal in comparison to the other relationships(ie Darren/Lea and Bo/Nadine/Jason).

Well, Jason sort of let Nadine stay with him.

Don't really see the point of Leo and Lila getting married if Lila's going to die.
9/4/2011 c71 Golden-Black Dragon
And you finally updated!

I wonder how Claire and Nadine will appraoch talking to Nadine. or not.

So, Mallory's stuck with Nick because he's the only one she hasn't driven away?

Matt/Claire is actually sort of normal in comparison to the other relationships(ie Darren/Lea and Bo/Nadine/Jason).

Well, Jason sort of let Nadine stay with him.

Don't really see the point of Leo and Lila getting married if Lila's going to die.
6/22/2011 c70 3For A Key
Mallory sitting up, debating on whether or not to confront Jen, fury rising up in her until she can't think of anything else but that it's all Jen's fault. I'm taking this into my mind as if it happened since Mal called Jen in the middle of the night. "'you can be so stubborn. Though Levi and I may have urged you to do this, you were the one who actually did it. It was your choice. And you have to live with that choice. So don't blame it on me, or Levi. It was your choice. No one else's. So don't blame us. You were the one who ruined the best thing that ever happened to you,' Jen said bluntly. 'not me.'" Jen's making a good point here, and I agree with her. Mallory's irrational - but I understand her too, she's only just realizing this and it's terrifying and painful that she's done this mistake and she needs to take it out on someone. (Loved Nick's comment there at the end too.)

"'If I wanted to talk to you, I would call you. Ergo, I don't want to talk to you.'" My feelings towards Mallory vary so much in the situation but sometimes I love her truly. Nadine's: "They're feeling bad about it..." Well, bohoo.

Jen's meeting and her mother... well, you know... I'll tell you more in your reply of this (there should be a reply.)

BO. How you've grown, I feel I should say. "'have you been taking "how to be a jerk" lessons from Mallory?' Bo asked." *Jumping on I love Bo train* It's quite a lovely train. I don't dislike Zooey, yet, I don't feel I know enough about her to have a strong opinion but that I don't like her and Rad together. (And I shall never forget!)

"'no, it's Seth,' Ash argued." Just gonna leave it here.

Jason, Nadine, what what what are you doing?

"'look,' Claire said, and she pointed at the slightly ajar door of the bathroom.

And though the door was closed quite a bit, they could clearly see it.

6/17/2011 c70 6JimmyP
Yay, an update.

I do feel bad for Mal, with both losing her boyfriend and having to leave home but at the same time, I kinda want her to stop whining and put stuff right with her parents and with Radovan. I suppose it's in Mal's personality to be stubborn though.

I enjoyed the Bo and Rad scene. That conversation would have been so much easier if sibling rivalries didn't exist, lol.

I like that Jen and Neema had that talk and realised that they hadn't been there for each other. It was sad but at the same time kind of nice that they could talk about it.

Thought the scene where everyone was speculating which boy Kiya liked was funny. Quick question, are you still going ahead with Seth being like he is in my original form? (don't want to give too much away just in case anyone looks at the reviews, I'm guessing you'll be able to tell what I'm talking about). If so, there's like a secret layer of irony surrounding that scene for me.

So glad you updated. Can't wait for the next one.
6/16/2011 c70 17GuitarHeroLost

That was my reaction when i saw that this'd been updated.

Aw... fight between Mal and Jen. Well, when two bitches are friends, that's bound to happen sometimes. Er, more than sometimes :D... except this time is different because neither of them apologized for being their bitchy selves. Well, Mal really does have to take responsibility for her choices. Jen is right. Maybe she didn't handle it the right way, but she's right.

Random side note, I like the word "ergo." Liz is a smart one. She's gotta be in Boston, with Nick.

Jen.. that sentimental moment with her mother was really moving. I could picture it perfectly in my head as it happened. I could feel it, even.

Oh Bojan. The way he talks... he's not even ASKING for trouble. He's DARING trouble to come to him. Interesting thought. I wonder how different things would be if Bo worked on Mallory... and Nadine worked on Radovan in their plot to get the two back together. It would certainly be different without the sibling rivalry coming into play as much. Though I kind of like it (: Radovan being a jerk is SO odd.. but kinda fun.

I really hope Lila makes a betting pool as for who Kiya is in love with. If it were me... I'd put my money on Seth. Cuz, c'mon, Lila is in a relationship with HER best friend... maybe it runs in the family! It'd be cute to see Kiya dating Cooper with Seth as a best friend, then it shifts gears and Seth becomes her boyfriend, and Cooper takes the best friend role. If that makes any sense.

I hope Claire and Lea bust Nadine's ass. Then, while the two are working together on getting Mal and Radovan back together, she and Bo will have their own relationship issues. I wonder if they'll confront Nadine about it, and then debate on whether telling Bo or not, or just go straight to Bo. The outcome will be interesting either awy.

UPDATE SOON! please, please, please, please!
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