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for Uru'baen Escape

10/26/2013 c6 DeactivatedAccount123456789000
Aww i love murtagh. Great job :)
12/5/2012 c6 Christine Daae
This is my favorite story ever! Murtagh is so awsome. This story makes me happy.
5/23/2012 c1 8BrightWatcher
Readinv the other reviews I feel mean. O.o I'm sorry if I sounded harsh.
5/23/2012 c6 BrightWatcher
This was a fun story to read, I love it when Murtagh and Eragon are good friends. There are some things in this AU fic that confuse me...

- Why would Arya reveal she's a princess? Not just to friends (like Eragon, Murtagh & Brom who didn't know) but to the kings servant Durza?

- Do Murtagh and Eragon know they're brothers or was that just a way of expressing friendship?

As a side:

- Murtagh's capture seemed too easy. We didn't get any struggling at all that would seem realistic for a Murtagh who can block Durza from his mind.

- They're escape seemed... too easy. And they were all too "ok" for just escaping from the throes of death.

And though it was OOC I really liked seeing the brothers so lighthearted with each other, Saphira so fun and easy going, and Eragon not mooning over Arya. It took me awhile to get bearings on where exactly in the story they were...

Don't think this is a bad story, I enjoyed reading it! :)

Good luck with you writer's muse!
2/3/2012 c6 thorns
why did'nt brom grab thorns egg
11/4/2011 c6 NormalityIsNonexistent
and they all lived happilly ever after
11/4/2011 c5 NormalityIsNonexistent
oooooo...a misterious book of galbieness
11/4/2011 c4 NormalityIsNonexistent
yay the arya has an idea
11/4/2011 c3 NormalityIsNonexistent
Murtagh you should know he is that stupid
11/4/2011 c2 NormalityIsNonexistent
this is how it should of gone instead cp makes him look dead
11/4/2011 c1 NormalityIsNonexistent
you'd never guess Eragon and murtagh were brothers
3/15/2011 c6 8Restrained.Freedom
Absolutely great story. I'll just take this as what might have happened if Brom hadn't died at the hands of the ra'zac.

Only one problem... While they were there, they should have liberated the red and green eggs as well... Come'on Brom... all that way for just a book? Take the dragons! Hahahaha

Love it
4/27/2010 c6 14Stuck in Oblvion
Wow, this is a great fanfic. Your description of Durza was perfect, I couldnt have done it better. :-)
2/6/2010 c3 The Winged Huntress
Awesome Story. you mentioned on your profile that if there was a grammar mistake to to tell you. when murtagh was mad that durza was comparing him to morzan and said why did every have to bring it up. but really i love this story. it sounds like thats what would happen if brom hadnt had died and murtagh hadnt been captured
8/20/2009 c6 5Rocky Gems
Wow! That was pretty good!

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