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for Kitsune Shinigami

5/22/2020 c6 1Makluan overlord
you fucked up the story
1 you had naruto return
2you should ve had naruto destroy konoha or the elemental nations or just could ce make it wear naruto didn't go back to that disgusting place
11/6/2019 c5 Guest
y make him weak
4/2/2019 c26 Kingkong101
Bitch naruto who's the pimp
5/17/2016 c17 Guest
Oh because a demon can't live with humans!? Why don't we fuck rabbits and drive to grade school and kik the kids there! It sound so much fun. Btw this story is terrible. The beginning was nice. But the end of chapter seventeen. You screwed up making yourself look like an obvious idiot. Seriously read this yourself and say it was a good idea with a straight face. Unless your an emotionless idiot trying to make a story and ruining it. You probably did make a face saying this was a good idea. That and you so called good idea isn't gonna work. It just doesn't make sense. Well your story was going downhill anyway with the frantic writing near the scenes with ichigo and naruto in little fights. No jokes here I'm actually trying to fix your head and tell you. This story is going downhill. Well I'm gonna go now. I don't want to read anymore of this as its more confusing and annoying than anything else. It lost its interesting streak. Well bye now.
5/16/2016 c6 Guest
Your kind of drama is terrible. But the story I can continue with. As its bordering from plain to good. If the story gets plain I'll notify you. Then I'll leave and find another story.
10/7/2015 c21 1TheKindredzzz122 confused...why would naruto join konoha and become a konoha ninja(/pet/dog/weapon)...since konoha as a whole treat him like shit and he join their ranks?
4/27/2014 c21 no no...
4/14/2014 c24 strabimonx
3/2/2014 c22 1silverback95
Love the story
3/2/2014 c1 silverback95
2/28/2014 c4 Guest
So Naruto's shinigami abilities are just the same as ichigo's? How lazy...
1/31/2014 c26 1Confused Hitman
Update soon please I love this story
7/3/2011 c26 38Kithrin
I don't really think this NEEDED a rewrite, it seemed pretty good to me despite some wrong words here and there.
4/23/2011 c22 skinandbones
I normally wait till I have been caught up to review but I got to say THIS WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS!
1/2/2011 c8 kitty
you have no imagination what so ever I like the story and all, but you could have givn Naruto a totaly different type of sword you basically made him just like Ichigo. since naruto has strong hand-to-hand fighting style you could have give him 2 short swords insted. but other than that the story was good. (I don't like making hate review please don't hate me it was just bugging me so bad.)
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