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12/31/2017 c27 sholtsclaw698
love the story!
12/31/2017 c16 sholtsclaw698
loving the story
12/16/2010 c27 7gab000
I love the ending! Very nice set-up for Twilight.
8/15/2010 c2 4Flamewhisper
I have already read your story "Her Protector" which was truly beautiful. I like what I have ready of this story so far, but just wanted to point something out that I noticed in this story and that one. You use the word 'new' (as in not old) for the word 'knew' (as in to know). It is not a big problem and it is something that I know I struggled with when I first started writing.
2/9/2010 c27 Panda
I loved this! It was beautifully done and kept very much to the Alice we all know and love. Great job!
1/10/2010 c27 lovinglife2010
i love it
11/26/2009 c27 EmmettsBlondeBabe
that was awesome! and it leads right into edward meeting are awesome
11/26/2009 c27 Sasha88
gud story but u shud do a sequal
9/20/2009 c27 24Vera Amber
Short, but it's an epilogue, and I don't mind. Alice obviously saw Bella! -grins- Okay, that was kind of jumbled... um... anyway, I luffles how this fanfic ended! :)

9/20/2009 c27 2KR Wolfe
Its sad to see the story go but it was an amazing read. You're an amazing writer and I can't wait to see what you come up next. :)

9/18/2009 c26 24Vera Amber
I luffles this story! :) And I luffles saying luffles, but you might already know that. I luffles how this turned out, this fanfic is awesome and you're and awesome writer! :) Please update/upload the epilogue soon!

Vera reviewed sexily. (Don't ask.)

9/14/2009 c13 2Silverbird121
Oh, no you di-in't, Miss Gillian! I hope Alice kicks her rear end.

As for the rest of the story (Chps. 1-12) all I have to say is wonderful! Amazing! Fantastical! *wild applause*

I like it a lot.
9/6/2009 c25 24Vera Amber
Short, but sorta important to the plot. Anyway, I love this chapter! :) Please update soon!

9/1/2009 c24 Vera Amber
The plot thickens... sort of. Please update soon! :)

8/29/2009 c23 Vera Amber
SQUEE! I love this story! AND, this chapter made sense, even though I couldn't read the one before it! :) Please update soon!

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