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for Up On The Roof

1/16/2010 c1 18ibelieveintruelove
Very nice! Kelly is definitely in charge, Taylor should never question her authority. And Flash's crush on her is too cute, I love it :D
1/9/2010 c1 4Thane of Fife
Hey, I read this story ages ago but just realised that I hadn't reviewed, so here you go lol. I love the take on Kelly, she's alot darker than in most other fics but it works well. Clever to have her smoking, the actress wanted her to in some of the scenes in the film but wasn't allowed to, even tho in the old films vertually all the girls smoked. Hope you decide to do more stories in a similar kind of style as I really enjoyed this (Y)

12/25/2009 c1 BlackSheepDown
love it. Any chance of it being made into a multi chap. ? Im a chancer xD
12/16/2009 c1 Cassie
love this :]
11/22/2009 c1 36A for Antechinus
That was good, thankyou for that.
7/2/2009 c1 19Firecracker-SJ
I love this story. You really did a great job writing the characters in a believable way. :D
6/19/2009 c1 User25214
loved it =)

exeedingly well written, good job =)
6/19/2009 c1 Lilia-Rose
Hey, welcome to the fold, by the way. I really like your fic, perhaps one of the best out there. I love the idea of Kelly smoking...it's always surprised me that the film doesn't show the girls smoking. Anyway...

You have the characters of Flash, Taylor and Kelly down really well, though is Kelly really so nasty? Would first years actually fear her? Would Taylor hate her? It was an interesting take on her character. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future,

Lili x

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