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for Belonging

5/21/2018 c1 TvIsForever
I loved this! Especially seeing that Spock was hooked on her! And Uhura scolding spock. They were very much in character
4/14/2016 c1 14Dr. Holland
Sweet, sad and hot all at the same time.
12/7/2013 c1 7J-Nynja
The beginning of this fic had me nodding, then towards the end, I was not nodding again.

Spock slips out of character after they make love the second time. I wonder why, when it was going swimmingly at the start. I could almost imagine the initial scene slipped into the movies and fitting perfectly.

In any case, this was so well done. I truly appreciate the quality.

Thanks for sharing.
6/30/2013 c1 3IRunWithWerewolves
Loved it! Beautiful!
11/13/2012 c1 rashida7777
I hit the little blue button!
11/9/2011 c1 11MelissaSabino
Very well-written! Please keep up the great work!
6/11/2011 c1 Wmst
Loved it! Sweet and sexy exploration of their relationship!
12/8/2010 c1 49Linstock
I really enjoyed the feeling of warm connection between these two. This is a lovely soft story written with a caring and delicate touch.
4/12/2010 c1 CocoChanel88
wow very hot and sweet.
4/4/2010 c1 20bk-1205
Very nice! Nyota and Spock together was an extremely pleasant surprise in the movie and this just made it better. Love them as a couple and this gives more insight. Great job!
4/2/2010 c1 5TrinityxInsane
That was freakin hot and sweet and just so pro!

Thanks so much for this.really.

I'm a huge Spock and nyota fan soo this made mi day.

Plz keep if up.

*Mrs.Salvatore Bennett *=
3/30/2010 c1 Roman Holiday
I love this! The sex is hot and they're just so adorable.
1/8/2010 c1 Gwen Kathleen
"Her body was his temple and she allowed him to worship daily"...I love that line.

Thank you for writing Spock as a strong, sensual, half-HUMAN who is capable of desire and love without crumbling!
7/19/2009 c1 Hepburn
Nicely done and a pretty good first try! I hope that you do write more of them. I love them too! :)
7/17/2009 c1 Rileybby
Really good!


Sequel, maybe?

Or maybe another fanfic along the lines of this one?
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