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for A New World Means A New Destiny

5/6/2020 c1 8purplerose97
From what I've read so far this story has me super excited. I've watched the entire inuyasha series and I've played the first 3 Jack and Daxter video games so I know the story line for the most part. I can't wait to see how you add tou twist even more to future events.
1/13/2016 c4 4Delta Princess
Got Jak and Daxter on PS3, and desided to read what fanfics there are. I'm glad I found this one. I really enjoy it. I know it's been few years since you last updated this story but please continue
8/25/2015 c4 41M-Angel 05
When are you going to update? Is Kiarra going to gain her ability to transform again? When is Kagome going use her Miko powers again? Are you going to have Inuyasha and company reincarnated as people in this story during the Jak 2 faze? UPDATE SOON PLEASE?
7/11/2015 c4 anon
I love how the story is going. I hope you will continue it.
9/18/2014 c4 Tigre
Awesome chapter, & I can't wait to see the next one! Please update soon!
9/9/2014 c4 Brooke
This is a really cute and funny story and I can't wait to see more real soon.
8/3/2014 c4 2Relina16
Please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeeee Updaaaatttteeeeeeee! I love the story I want to now what happens because of this story it got me wanting to play jak and daxter again so please update8( puppy dog eyes
3/12/2014 c4 WhiteAngel28
To Angel OfDarkness808
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Gear & Darkwatch Godzilla and
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11/29/2013 c4 5Slam'in Burst
6/13/2013 c4 2bluephoenixflame98
Just started reading this and I love it I hope u do the next chapter soon
2/26/2013 c4 Angelwolf22
i enjoy it update soon please
1/18/2013 c4 6Evil-Ang3l
When will you have the next chapter up? I wanna read it so badly!
12/8/2012 c4 2Justus80
How far are you going with this story. Jak one to three? If so... Awsome
10/2/2012 c4 Applejax XD
awww kagome and jak cuddling at the end is so cute XD
9/11/2012 c4 anonimous
Since it'll take you a while, can you at least do a preview fic for when Kagome meets bad boy Jak?
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