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6/15/2018 c6 13creativesm75
6/22/2010 c6 112geekmama
"Small things can be the most troublesome." With a grudging smile, James added, "Though sometimes they're worth it."

So very true. Ooooh, I did enjoy this! Just hit all the right buttons tonight. Many thanks!
6/4/2010 c6 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Ohhhhh, you have made me feel all sweet sappy and it's just a lovely wash! I can imagine the boys doing what they do. Jack giving better than he got when caught, Norrington being both put out and afraid (mostly that, I'm thinkin') when Jack's being himself nearly cost him his arse. Good little story.

You know all things considered, I want more more more! It's summer!

- pearlseed
6/4/2010 c6 11sm.bean
Oh Jack, he just can't keep himself out of trouble. Good thing he has James to save him.

Great dialoque. As I've mentioned before, I always love the way you write Jack and James' unspoken conversations, their facial expressions and body movements. It makes the scenes extremely vivid.

Great chapter,

6/1/2010 c6 38Florencia7
That was fantastic! So vivid & wonderfully written. Brilliant dialogue. I loved it!
5/31/2010 c6 18Harm Marie
Ah, Jack. What would you do without your cousin to pull you out of trouble.
1/27/2010 c5 11sm.bean
As always, I enjoy how you incorporate real people into your stories. Glad to see that Jack the monkey is still kicking.

'The beastie was still perched on the landing, hugging the apple like a precious relic. Sparrow’s mouth twitched- for a second, James thought he saw a trace of sympathy there.' - I loved this bit.

Fun chapter,

1/26/2010 c5 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
"I got your email this morning that you'd finished, but didn't have the chance to read it until just now - so I've been looking forward to it all day! I think it more than successfully ticks the 'high spirited Sparrow and Norrington adventure' boxes. I especially love the 'guest' star; it's nice to see she's still going strong. Also (not wanting to give anything away to those who haven't read it yet) I have no knowledge of those particular athletics (it's not so big in the UK), so had to hit Wikipedia with a vengeance. I now feel I've learnt something new. Your fic is fun and educational- the best kind!

I've been enjoying these adventures, even if I am still a little behind on this most recent series, so thank you for a most lovely tale (and being brave enough to offer it up for bidding!)"

- lilfluffykitten
1/25/2010 c5 51orpsgod
I for one can certainly imagine the hijinks! I do enjoy it when you work 'real people' into your stories. But then I enjoy it when they just concern James and Mare and Jack as well. As always a hearty well done to you, and looking forward to the next. :)
9/5/2009 c4 orpsgod
Again very nicely done. I always look forward to these little additions, and am never disappointed! :)
9/3/2009 c4 36meowbooks
I adore cozy little family scenes. We don't get much of them in PotC. The only ones from the movies I can recall are Elizabeth and son on the cliff and Governor Swann's conversation with Elizabeth before Will arrived. I do like imagining them, though. :D

The ending lines were lovely. :D
9/2/2009 c4 38Florencia7
Fantastic chapter! I loved it. It was wonderful to visit them on such an extraordinarily ordinary day. Jack proved to be a great story teller once again, and I just love how you portray all of them.

*!waiting for more!* :)
8/29/2009 c3 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
Oh, my dear, love the family altogether-Jack's own sweet goddaughter, Mare and James with two "children". Love that fact the pup had been to the Fountain. I like very much the way your stories flow. James is both his regal commodore self and a besotted boy when it comes to his woman. Just a lovely balance of family.

8/28/2009 c4 Jennifer Lynn Weston
YUM! Just plain a cozy interlude. Love poor James nodding off over his dry "school book", Jack showing up as a dashing Spanish Viscount from his own period-clearly Murphy knows when to send the theatrically dramatic one... Jack's perfectly casual version of personal modesty, Mare's smacking James on their wedding night and declaring James is a "crazy Quaker looking for for something to feel guilty about"! That one is a hoot; fits so seamlessly with your Norrington's background and motivations. And I've always liked your stroke of genius making him a Quaker to explain his ram rod attitudes and unbending ethics.

So full of sensuous detail like the seafood omelets Jack makes for the newly weds, the lazing in the pool with the jets and the texture of the tile and shell inlays, the cold mocha frappes, the whole extended family enjoying the soak interspersed with James FINALLY having an...athletic...wedding night. Just lovely.

- ladymouse2
7/6/2009 c3 38Florencia7
Wonderful installment! It's so thrilling how you combine the reality with you fantastic imagination!

*impatiently waiting for more* :)
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