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11/10/2010 c1 10Deathcomessoon
I loved this one! It was so good, It had an awesome plot and great detail. I hope you write more like this, I would enjoy reading them. :)
7/11/2009 c1 4actressforever
Ohmygoodness why in heck has no one reviewed this yet? I mean- as a Gaara lover- this was AMAZINGLY well done! I love the attention to detail you put in especially at the beginning.

Also, Gaara was totally in character! I mean- if I had never watched any shippuden episodes I would think that is what actually happened. It played in so well with the actual plot and didn't even change a thing! That's probably what I loved the most.

Oh, the song. Man, that was a perfect song for that fic. I've never done songfics and actually never really liked them; but this one was put together so well that I had to love it!

Um I could bearly spot more than two small gramatical errors that no one could probably notice, so great job on that! Editing is the hardest part and I'm pretty sure you're also just a good writer!

I look forward to any new stories from you!

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