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for Knowing the Limit

4/12/2016 c1 2portkeytoreality
This was amazing!
12/6/2011 c1 BakerStreetIsLastRefugeOfHope
A great story. Very well written.
6/26/2009 c1 5Jaimie-Erin
Wow, you scared me for a bit there.

Lol, when I first saw the title, I was like "Oh, he's going to drink and drive" and then I was like, "You are the stupidest chick I ever met".

Love Randy in this, kind of teasing, kind of caring. Suits him!

Thanks heaps for writing!
6/18/2009 c1 135Jedi Sapphire
I absolutely loved this fic. *g* I think you've written Legolas perfectly, and his interaction with Thranduil is wonderful. I also liked the little nod to the twins and Aragorn at the end.
6/17/2009 c1 23Destined Darkness
hehe lol this is funny lol i was litterally laughing my head of
6/16/2009 c1 4bluelusa
This was very sweet...I suppose Legolas should listen to his father more often! Great story :)
6/16/2009 c1 42StarLight9
I enjoyed reading this at Teitho. This elf will never learn his limits, will he? Let's hope he'll learn from him punishment, or rather let's hope he won't as this would mean the end of angst stories :) I liked image you created with the dripping liquid - it was mysterious and unknown, which made it creepier than the orcs.

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