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for Forbidden Love

10/13/2019 c1 Julia
This is the best! I always thought that Verl was so cute when he gave presents to Kendra. I love that I can finally imagine them together!
1/3/2016 c1 Guest
5/16/2013 c1 Guest
okay random combo
1/25/2012 c1 1moonshadowisnotdead
lol, i know this was written forever ago, but still...i wanted to comment :)

i cant say that i really support the pairing, but i can actually picture it happening...kendra strikes me as the type of girl that would want a gooey guy like verl-

anyways, i liked it, even though i never thought of it like this before!
8/2/2011 c1 Lol with me D rofl
Lol hahaha... Sorry but I'm cracking up cuz of this! I know this is a romance between verl and Kendra but it's just to funny to not laugh lol
5/26/2011 c1 1LittleRiverSong
omg please write more make a storie about it i'm facinated about verlxKendra!it so amazing i love it!
6/4/2010 c1 Mara and her Gryphon
This is... not right.

This ship is one-sided, Verl is the one who has interest in Kendra. Kendra is like 'Meh, you like me, so what?' But here she's saying 'Oh Verl...' and stuff like that. Anyhow, this is OOC but okay I suppose. Kendra would just... never be that way. OK, fine, maybe I'm being a little harsh, so I'll let you go without a huge rant.
2/22/2010 c1 tresureplanetluver
that was the sweetest thing ever!
12/8/2009 c1 EWWW
EW, thats disgusting!
10/13/2009 c1 22Ptrst
I liked this. You could use a decent beta reader, but I like your style, overall, and the... the rhythm of the story.

I do support Verl/Kendra as a pairing, and I think you did a good job on the story. :) Thanks for writing it!
8/19/2009 c1 52lynxzpanther
That's so cute! I always wondered what it would be like if Kendra fell in love with Verl, too. :)
8/3/2009 c1 12pattyofurniture
Fun! Quite a new take! Great job author
7/4/2009 c1 3Edifythe
It was an ... interesting take, I guess. Not bad, just not something that I would think about.

Some of your sentences don't really flow, and your writing seems a little rushed? Like your last line 'Their love was forbidden, yet it still is there.' Doesn't sound quite right to me, I actually read it wrong the first time I went over your story. And the way they just seemed to kiss was a bit weird, but I kinda liked it ;P Lovely job.

6/16/2009 c1 7Eraleigh Aminah
It was good, although I can't say I really support the pairing. Verl and Kendra were very well done, so good job. Very sweet.

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