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for Lies and Betrayal

7/16/2019 c5 drucifer000
I know that your wrote this forever ago, but well done! I loved sylar, he was an amazing character.
1/19/2018 c14 1SusanMarieS
thank you once again. reread and still admire your story telling
10/16/2015 c14 Shellbean
Hey Elaine451,
I found this fan fic you have written and I wanted you to know I loved it. Thanks for writing it. I was wondering if you had ever written a sequel to this since it was written in 2009. Shellbean:)
1/18/2015 c14 Guest
This will always be my favourite Sylaire fic. I've honest to god lost count of how many times I've read it. It's just perfect 3
1/1/2015 c13 SusanMarieS

Spoiler below.

Lol. You ended it before the war. I guess that's okay. Wonderful read. Thank you again.
1/1/2015 c1 SusanMarieS
"Umm, your blond is showing. Obviously we were injected with a drug to hinder our abilities." He lay back down.

Super funny!

I believe I'll just have to reread this. :)
3/1/2014 c14 amber.lincoln3
12/11/2013 c14 gabbs
this story is amazing! would love a sequel
7/9/2013 c7 4Uchihagetsu-san
Hi, um I don't want to sound weird or anything, but when I read your translations, its weird because all my life I lived in a Mexican american city and I have never really heard anything so formal, even in my Spanish classes.
"Hija" sounds so weird, and for a while I didn't know it meant "daughter" because I was so use to hearing the slang term "Mija" which is "Mi" and "Hija" put together. I just thought that was pretty crazy
5/22/2013 c7 oogie0811
Type your review for this chapter here...
7/12/2012 c14 17Jdragonfire29
Sequel Please :)
7/12/2012 c13 Jdragonfire29
WOW! First time read through and gotta say this chapter was excellent!
5/16/2012 c14 Rebekah M
I'm officially in luv w/this story. I can't wait 2 c how it all ends. :)
5/7/2012 c14 121Raven21
This was a really good story. Did you write a sequel? I reall hope so.
2/16/2012 c14 42readinggirl1989
sequel? please?
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