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9/21/2010 c1 4Cacow
THAT WAS SO CUTE! Eherm sorry for the over use of capital letters but I had to convey how utterly cute that was and there is no bold on reviews!
12/30/2009 c5 13SuicideMonday
Aw~ This was so cute! Very symbolic! I haven't seen a sunflower in ages but they do seem to have alot of petals. Very original idea, I love the rochu interaction!
12/16/2009 c5 19The Squishy Panda
Haha... Russia reminds me of my classmate Allie and her 3 wives. I'm glad I divorced her last year.

Nice job, cousin.
12/14/2009 c5 Yume Dust
Sad. Sad sad sad. D; Why'd you have to make it a sad ending? It's supposed to be a Humor. I feel sorry for Ivan. He's been through a lot. And I really love this couple~! 3
12/14/2009 c5 454g
LOL it will be ridiculous to see Ivan holding a plucked sunflower bouquet, I love the end!
11/5/2009 c4 starting anew
I have a theory that Hetalia is trying to take over the world by taking over the minds of everyone... it seems to be working brilliantly so far.

I adored this chapter, by the way :)
10/21/2009 c2 7chirp chirp
heh, nice touch with the fairies at the end! Ah, Sealand, you make life so entertaining.
10/16/2009 c3 5bella92
Even if this scen is little over used had this story it one personal touch, so don't feel like it was like everyone else:)
10/1/2009 c2 25Kanki Youji
... Arthur! Oh, the kink! Well... he does run the industry of the pronz...

This was kinda epic...
10/1/2009 c1 Kanki Youji
I can't stop laughing! Oh, this is just AWESOME! (I am SO glad my Alfred doesn't know how to ride!)

Just... brilliant. I love it.
9/22/2009 c2 starting anew
Oh I love it! Silly Peter :)
9/7/2009 c2 2Etcha
Lol, I love the story so far, it's very amusing xDD
9/7/2009 c2 ninjafox369
...Holy crap I want to raid Arthur's room now! Lube? Fuzzy handcuffs? Jewelry and kilts? This is just a chapter of epic awesomeness!

I'm sure that Sealand had a fun time! ...I find it hilarious he was eating lube, though!
9/7/2009 c1 ninjafox369
"Look Arthur, no hands!"

That was the line that made me fall on the floor laughing! Now let's see the second chappie...
6/17/2009 c1 39Mizu falls from Kumo
I can't believe I almost didn't read this. It's so cute and funny, a total Alfred.
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